By: Key Michel

We have all heard fashion rules such as, ”don’t wear white after labor day” or ”navy and black aren’t complimentary. A lot of people have blindly followed these rules at one point of another; not even understanding why.

Who created these rules; and who says we have to follow them?

A lot of fashion rules; have transformed into myths that hold no ounce of truth. These rules create false restrictions, which form limiting beliefs; and harbor one’s self-expression. Debunking these fashion myths will inspire you to experiment with your personal style; and even give some of them a try.

Here are 7 Fashion Myths That You Should Immediately Ignore

Women of a certain age can’t wear____ (You fill in the blank$

Ageism and societal expectations are catalysts that hold people back from freely achieving the style of their dreams. Your 25, and you should wear this. Your 30; and you can no longer wear that. Your 40, and you definitely cant wear this

Ageism is nothing but limiting beliefs; placed upon you by closed minded people. Yes your style will change as you get older; but it’s because you will change, you will grow; and you will get better with time. In reality you will like your style the older you become; not because you are meeting societal expectations; but because you’ll have a greater appreciation for your personal style.

Thrifting Is Only For The Poor 

Thrifting is a shopping experience for all socio-economic backgrounds. Yes, it has been a way for poor people to buy clothing that meets their needs; but in reality anyone can go thrifting. All poor people aren’t forced to go thrifting either; and many still hold preconceived notions about it.

No matter the socio-economic background people love a bargain, people love to find unique items, people love to have things that others don’t have; and thrifting meets all of these marks.

We can all agree that prices have been increasing at some thrift stores; but it has more to do with the pandemic and the lack of donations; than rich people taking items from the poor. No one is taking anything from anyone, because thrifting is abundant.

Key’s Thrift Trip

You Have To Be Skinny; To Wear What You Want 

This is another societal pressure that has trickled down into fashion. It’s common to witness mostly skinny models strut down a runway, and this image subconsciously makes people think that they must be a certain size to serve a look. This is far from true. If you are expressing who you are, why block your own self-expression because of your body size? This is your life, wear what you want; and wear it well.

You can’t wear double denim

Double denim creates an edgy look; that many have perceived as tacky. It’s not about wearing double denim; but how you choose to style the double denim. You want to make sure that the denim mesh or match very well together

For example, maybe you have a denim jacket; and denim jeans with a unique design; or a two-piece denim set with the same shade or aesthetic.

Can’t Wear Brown & Black 

These two colors have been viewed as dull, or playing it safe; but contrary to popular belief, they create a sophisticated and timeless combination.

Sequin Styles Are Only For A Special Occasion 

Your sequin styles deserve to be worn a lot morr than those special occasions. You don’t have to wait for big events to show-out; celebrate yourself everyday, and make a fashion statement everywhere you go!

Wearing designer means you have style 

If you want to wear designer; that is your right, but that doesn’t mean you have style. People confuse owning designer; for having style all of the time. There are people who wear a lot of designer, and they still feel completely lost when it comes to styling it.

Wear the designer, buy the designer; but don’t let the designer wear you.

Your Shoes Don’t Have To Match Your Bags

It’s okay to match your accessories; but it isn’t necessary. In fact, having your shoes and bag be completely different from each other creates a unique and dynamic lewk. It also shows that you bold enough to take a style risk.

Rules in Fashion

No one can dictate how you choose to express yourself with fashion. Following fashion rules only keeps you conforming to the same societal standards that keep you further and further away from your authentic style. Do yourself a favor; and create your own fashion rules!

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