Things That Make You Instantly Stylish

By: Key Michel What makes somebody instantly stylish? When you see somebody walking down the street, what makes that person catch your eye; and state to yourself, “oh yeah, that person is super stylish? And they know it!” Here we will discuss 9 things that make someone instantly stylish. This isn’t a limited number, of … Continue Reading

What I’m Excited To Experiment With This Summer

By: Key Michel I think every fashionista should always be frequently trying new styles; and pushing themselves outside of their style comfort zones. Experimenting with your personal style allows you to build your style confidence; while simultaneously growing your personal style. The summer is upon us; and I have a list of styles that I’m … Continue Reading

Crochet Styles Are The Talk Of The Summer

By: Key Michel While crochet has been around since the 1920s; its boom in the fashion industry made waves in the 1960s. It was during this era in fashion where people witnessed the expansion of crochet in fashion; all the way to homeware and decor. As fashion cycles repeat themselves throughout the years; the emergence … Continue Reading

Make A Fashion Statement Everywhere You Go | E-Book

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Style Highlight: Unique Ruffles

By: Key Michel Ruffles have taken over on these style streets, being seen in various eclectic designs; and creatively showcased as an expression of personal style. Popular in the early 2000s; these Y2K fashion faves have circled back around; adding an air of charm to anything you wear. The appearance of ruffles on a garment … Continue Reading

5 EASY Summer Style Hacks To Look Good All Summer Long

By: Key Michel Where feeling hot hot hot in the glistening sun; because summer is surely upon us! We are ready for the fun social outings; and of course the stylish looks. This season can be a challenge for many people to continue to look good; while also being comfortable in the heat. With these … Continue Reading

80s Inspired Chunky Gold Earrings 

(Affiliate links are within; we may receive commission from this article)  By: Key Michel Bold and glamorous in appearance; chunky gold earrings are a timeless piece to pair with any outfit. A popular staple in the 1980s; these earrings have transcended the test of time. These standout earrings give an outfit a dazzling vintage aesthetic … Continue Reading

Why Every Woman Needs a Long Leather Coat in Her Wardrobe

Calling all fashionistas! Feeling a little stuck in a fashion rut? Ditch the “same old, same old” and elevate your look with a timeless piece that never goes out of style: the long leather coat. This outerwear icon transcends trends, adding instant edge and sophistication to any outfit, no matter the season. While a cardigan … Continue Reading

The 2024 Met Gala Proves That The Future Of Fashion Is Vintage, Resale & Upcycled

By: Key Michel It ‘twas the Super Bowl of fashion; a star-studded night filled with signature designs; and creative self-expression. This years theme was Sleeping Beauties: “Reawakening Fashion” with the dress code being the Garden of Time. The vision behind the dress code was inspired by a short story written by J.G. Ballard in 1962; … Continue Reading

80s Style Jackets For The Spring Season

By: Key Michel One fact that will always remain true in fashion is that trends repeat themselves; and styles from the past always cycle back around. It’s a revolving door when it comes to fashion eras; as styles are constantly evolving and changing their positioning in the industry from non-current to current trends. In the … Continue Reading