The 2024 Met Gala Proves That The Future Of Fashion Is Vintage, Resale & Upcycled

By: Key Michel It ‘twas the Super Bowl of fashion; a star-studded night filled with signature designs; and creative self-expression. This years theme was Sleeping Beauties: “Reawakening Fashion” with the dress code being the Garden of Time. The vision behind the dress code was inspired by a short story written by J.G. Ballard in 1962; … Continue Reading

Always Check The Thrift Store First For These Items

By: Key Michel Ahhhh Thrift Store. Home to rare treasures, vintage finds, and modern day styles. While it’s a known fact amongst thrifters how exciting the experience can be; what’s not always publicized are the moments when the thrift store should be your first stop. When it comes to different instances or occasions in your … Continue Reading

My Recent Thrift Finds: Checking Things Off My Thrift Wishlist One by One!

By: Key Michel Listen, there’s been a whole lotta thrifting going on these past couple of weeks; and I have been loving every single minute of it! My birthday was this past February; and one of the ways I decided to treat myself was to thrift like I’ve never thrifted before. I celebrated in both … Continue Reading

Vintage Inspired Outfits Led The Way At The Oscars

By: Key Michel There is something captivating about an old Hollywood fashion moment; that exudes elegance and vintage glamour. Last night at the Oscars vintage-inspired styles were the trend of the night; strongly proving that vintage is indeed the future of fashion. Scroll below to see some vintage glam moments from the night! Zendaya wore … Continue Reading

The Top Vintage Fashion Predictions

By: Key Michel Extra! Extra! Read all about it; the future of fashion is indeed vintage! Vintage fashion has always been a consistent contender in the industry; but in recent years; its ever-growing growth has made it a strong heavy hitter. In 2017, I attended the NARTS conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota; a resale fashion conference … Continue Reading

Vintage Handbag Drop!

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Is Thrifting Really Better During The Fall and Winter?

By: Key Michel With the seasons changing, more thrifters have been coming online, and stating their opinions about thrifting during the fall and winter; versus thrifting during the spring and summer. A lot of thrifters have very strong opinions, about thrifting being much better in the fall and winter. They view it as a timeframe … Continue Reading

Thrift Stores Thrive During A Recession; But Where Are The Donations?

By: Key Michel Thrift stores have always had a reputation of thriving during the recession. If there was any industry that was recession proof; it was the resale fashion industry. People are already discussing the influx of newbie and seasoned thrifters; that have been shopping during this economic transit. As shoppers have increased; the donation … Continue Reading