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Key To Fashion

A fashion media brand; that strives to empower you to make a fashion statement everywhere you go!

Key To Fashion is a pioneered brand in the fashion industry, as it has coined the term: Resale Fashion Media.

Here at Key To Fashion the mission is to empower you to embrace your own individuality, to embrace your own personal style; and to increase your style confidence with resale fashion and thrifting.

The brand is all about encouraging you to be stylish, to be daring, to bold, to be unique; to be fierce, to stand-out, to be the ultimate show-stopper; and to be your own fashion icon.

We strive to educate you more on this realm of fashion and achieving style confidence; by sharing industry new, styling tips and hacks, and style inspiration through enriching articles, engaging YouTube videos and our dynamic talk show series Vintage Glamour; with new episodes that come out every Sunday @ 1pm.

In addition to empowering out audience to become their own fashion icons; we strive to educate this community to learn about the correlation between personal growth/lifestyle and style, by providing content that makes them look within, and embrace who they are.

We share personal growth and lifestyle  topics on Vintage Glamour; discussions on the Key To Fashion YouTube channel; while also writing insightful articles on the matter at hand.

It’s all about embracing your own uniqueness here at Key To Fashion. It’s all about being unapologetically you

Fashion is not only subjective, it’s art.

It is a creative and individualistic way for you to express who you are, without even having to speak.

Resale Fashion gives consumers the opportunity to express and discover their true personal style; while giving back to the environment. There is an increasing issue of clothing landfills, that are piling up with discarded clothing, used clothing; and even brand new  clothing. By shopping resale, you are contributing to the positive circulation of secondhand goods; while allowing your own style confidence to shine. 

The best thing you can do for yourself, is to express yourself, and to be authentically you. 

Your personal style is a constant reminder, to always stay true to yourself, no matter what. Especially in a world where authenticity, is running scarce. 

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The CEO and visionary behind the brand is Keyana (Key) Michel;  a fashion journalist, media maven, fashion pioneer and fashion icon. Key is a dynamic innovator; who used her own creative visions, gifts and talents; to create something new in the fashion industry.

Her mission in life is to inspire and empower people with everything thing that she does. She has a passionate drive to support humanity; and to make a profound difference on the world.