Key To Fashion is..

A resale fashion brand that sells unique, daring and stylish clothing. But in reality, what Key To Fashion is really selling is individuality, affordability, style confidence and self-awareness. 

The mission is for individuals to discover their own Keys To Fashion, and embrace what makes them unique, because it’s liberating. 

Fashion is not only subjective, but we believe that Fashion is art. It is a way for you to express who you are, without evening having to speak.

Thrifting with Key To Fashion will not only preserve your pockets, but it will add statement pieces to your wardrobe. You will save money, get unique and stylish pieces for less, and enjoy the unique treasure hunt shopping experience, of not exactly knowing what gems you may find!

Having your own personal style is a constant reminder to always stay true to yourself. Especially in a world where authenticity is running scarce. And here at Key To Fashion we want everyone to feel confident to be who they are.

Key To Fashion is for the fashion lovers.

The trendsetters.

The people who aren’t afraid to express themselves with their style.

The people who aren’t afraid of experimenting with their style.

And the people who aren’t afraid of finding, or embracing their personal style.


Who Is Key Michel? Meet The Creator Of Key To Fashion!