Hello, and welcome to Key To Fashion! I can’t thank you all enough for stopping by! I’m eager for readers to get to know me, as I get to know you all along the way.

That’s the mission here!

To start thangs off, my name is Keyana Michel, and I’m an African American woman, born and raised in Boston Massachusetts. I’m the child of vibrant Caribbean migrants. My mother is from Trinidad & Tobago. And my father is from Haiti.

To my Trinidadian side, I’m “Keyana or Keyana Ashley”, and to my siblings and my Haitian side, I’m KeKe.

But to everyone else, I’m Key.

I can describe myself in many ways, but to keep it simple, I can say that I’m an expressive fashionista, and extremely dynamic individual!

I absolutely love to create, and to expressive myself, in as many ways as I can. And I pray that I live my life, learning from the journey. Growing from the journey. fulfilling my dreams. And helping others along the way.

I strive to be a fire-starter in the fashion field, but I also have a passion for media and communications.

I would love to be the next Oprah meets Rihanna

But with a whole lot of Key!

It was in my freshman year in High School, when I first embarked on my journey of discovering my personal style. Similar to many “fresh-meat” tales, I started out highschool as a big time follower. Often imitating the latest styles and trends. That I would see many of my classmates wear.

Despite my desperate attempts to fit in. Ironically, I always felt completely lost in the clothes that I wore.  Eventually, I decided to abandoned my follower style. And challenge myself to define my own.

And that was when I started to express my true self.

In due time, my personal style blossomed into a unique and liberating aspect of my life. In high school, I was very insecure, especially about my appearance.

But my style reminded me of the power that I had within.

It gave me the courage to embrace my originality. And the confidence to express my personality, without even having to speak.

My knowledge and appreciation for the art of fashion began to expand. And I grew highly interested in attending a Fashion School for undergrad. I was eager to learn more about the field. And the various areas I could pursue.

But being first generation American, fashion school & any pursuits in the field. Weren’t seen as “a valuable career choice” in the eyes of my caribbean family.

It certainly was not the career choice, that my family had left their native lands for. So I was encouraged to attend an in-state 4 year college.

I attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where I graduated with a BA in Psychology, and a minor in African American Studies.

In college, my passion for fashion, and my craving for self-expression never left. But it was definitely tested. At the time, I was a broke college student. Residing in the boonies of Amherst, Massachusetts. And limited to where I could shop. Or what I could buy.

One day, a friend of mines told me to check out the local Salvation Army, to see what they might have. Now, at the time, I was highly skeptical to go. Especially due to the preconceived notions that I had about thrifting. But I allowed my open-mindedness to lead the way.

From that moment forward, I became a frequent thrifter. I mean, almost every half of Wednesday sale the Salvation Army had, I was there. Absolutely eager and excited to see what fashion treasures I may find! Thrifting in college not only preserved my pockets. But it added statement pieces to my wardrobe. I absolutely loooooved the fact that I was saving money. And what made it better I was getting more quantity, and more unique styles, for less!

With thrifting, I was still able to develop my sense of style, and learn about a new area in fashion, all at the same damn time! Overtime, my interest for resale fashion expanded. And I’ve had the opportunity to visit several stores in Boston, New York, Washington D.C., California, Minnesota, and in London, England.

In, 2017, I attended The Narts Conference. A resale fashion conference for resale fashion business owners, and entrepreneurs. There I got the chance to meet and learn from store owners, entrepreneurs, and gurus in the field. After that experience, I went on to acquire resale fashion experience, at a fashion buyer, at a top buy, sell, trade store in Boston. And in America.

The experience taught me a lot, and I became one of the top buyers in the store. Becoming employee of the month, twice in my second month at the job. One of the times, I was even nominated by customers. But in my fourth month at the job, I was wrongly terminated due to racial discrimination.

That was the first time I was ever terminated in my life. I was upset, but I knew I couldn’t give up. That termination fueled me, to start writing again. And from December 2017 to February 2018 I began writing again. And from February 2017 to July 2018, I began planning, designing, and working on my blog. Key to Fashion. I knew I couldn’t give up on myself, It’s like what Michelle Obama said,

“When they go low, We go High”

Key to Fashion Blog,

will serve as a digital tool that will strive to positively inspire, impact, and unite my readers. My mission is for readers to discover, expand, and ultimately OWN their personal styles. While simultaneously influencing them to learn more about who they are as people. The blog will be broken up into two entities Key To Fashion, and Key Michel.


Key To Fashion,

I’ll be displaying my personal style, tips, awareness, insights, and knowledge of the resale fashion industry. I strive to innovate my own mark,  in the resale fashion industry. So it’s only right for me to educate my readers on it along the way!

I will be teaching readers on why thrifting is something they should get involved in. And why I believe it can provide a better quality of life, for many. There is a huge support of individuality, affordability as well as a unique shopping experience that thrifting provides. And I just want my readers to learn about it all.


Key Michel,

there you will learn more about me as an individual. As I discuss accounts on personal growth. And share personal stories, and lessons, in hopes that I can allow my vulnerability to impact someones day. Or to change someones life. I have a deep love for humanity, and with anything I do I want to change someone’s life for the better.

In addition, I will also be sharing some of my own personal adventures and experiences. And videos and visuals. I’m a multifaceted individual, and it’s important for me to acknowledge it, embrace it, but to also use my personal gifts for the greater good. Every time a reader visits, and subscribes to my blog, I want them to leave with the feeling that they learned something. Something that they can apply to their very own lives.

As crazy as it may sound, my personal style is something that has served as a safe haven for me. It is a constant reminder to always stay true to myself. In a world where authenticity is running scarce.

If it was up to me, I would want as many people in the world, to experience that same feeling, so why not be crazy enough to give it a shot.

To stay in touch, I encourage you all to subscribe below, and become apart of the community!

I look forward to learning, growing, and connecting with you all! Welcome to Key to Fashion, and thanks for reading!


Key Michel

To learn more about Key, read: Allow me to re-introduce myself:

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