Things That Make You Instantly Stylish

By: Key Michel What makes somebody instantly stylish? When you see somebody walking down the street, what makes that person catch your eye; and state to yourself, “oh yeah, that person is super stylish? And they know it!” Here we will discuss 9 things that make someone instantly stylish. This isn’t a limited number, of … Continue Reading

What I’m Excited To Experiment With This Summer

By: Key Michel I think every fashionista should always be frequently trying new styles; and pushing themselves outside of their style comfort zones. Experimenting with your personal style allows you to build your style confidence; while simultaneously growing your personal style. The summer is upon us; and I have a list of styles that I’m … Continue Reading

Crochet Styles Are The Talk Of The Summer

By: Key Michel While crochet has been around since the 1920s; its boom in the fashion industry made waves in the 1960s. It was during this era in fashion where people witnessed the expansion of crochet in fashion; all the way to homeware and decor. As fashion cycles repeat themselves throughout the years; the emergence … Continue Reading

Style Highlight: Unique Ruffles

By: Key Michel Ruffles have taken over on these style streets, being seen in various eclectic designs; and creatively showcased as an expression of personal style. Popular in the early 2000s; these Y2K fashion faves have circled back around; adding an air of charm to anything you wear. The appearance of ruffles on a garment … Continue Reading

80s Inspired Chunky Gold Earrings 

(Affiliate links are within; we may receive commission from this article)  By: Key Michel Bold and glamorous in appearance; chunky gold earrings are a timeless piece to pair with any outfit. A popular staple in the 1980s; these earrings have transcended the test of time. These standout earrings give an outfit a dazzling vintage aesthetic … Continue Reading

Why Every Woman Needs a Long Leather Coat in Her Wardrobe

Calling all fashionistas! Feeling a little stuck in a fashion rut? Ditch the “same old, same old” and elevate your look with a timeless piece that never goes out of style: the long leather coat. This outerwear icon transcends trends, adding instant edge and sophistication to any outfit, no matter the season. While a cardigan … Continue Reading

80s Style Jackets For The Spring Season

By: Key Michel One fact that will always remain true in fashion is that trends repeat themselves; and styles from the past always cycle back around. It’s a revolving door when it comes to fashion eras; as styles are constantly evolving and changing their positioning in the industry from non-current to current trends. In the … Continue Reading

The Color Making Waves This Spring: Butter Yellow

By: Key Michel Spring is a timeframe for new beginnings, longer daylight, and brighter colors. This season there is a new shade that is the talk of the town. Butter Yellow is a hue that is similar to the popcorn at a movie theater. It’s creamy, standout and mellow appearance makes it fitting for all … Continue Reading

New Style Obsession: Statement Belts

By: Key Michel Statement belts are an accessory that give your outfit flair, and takes the styling of the look to an elevated level. It can go over jeans, pants, skirts, blazers, cardigans, blouses, jackets; and compose the feel of the entire look. There is various ways you can style them; and versatility in the … Continue Reading

Can Style Be Taught Or Is It Innate?

By: Key Michel Style acquisition is a skill that can be both innate and taught. For some people it takes practice, consistent knowledge; and guidance; while others rely on their style intuition and inner judgement to lead the way. No matter where a person lie’s on the spectrum; no one is better than the other. … Continue Reading