It’s Time To Create Your Winter Fashion Wishlist

By: Key Michel Tis’ the season to create your winter fashion wishlist; filled with all of the items that your personal style desires. If you started creating wishlist with me this year; than you have created one’s for the spring, summer, fall and now the winter. You are most likely a pro at creating these … Continue Reading

6 Secrets To Achieve Your Personal Style

By: Key Michel One’s personal style can communicate a lot to the world; without even having to utter the world. It radiates your inner aura and light within; and tells a page of your story. A personal style can be life-changing for an individual; but there are still so many people who find it hard … Continue Reading

Your Limiting Beliefs Destroy Your Style Dreams

By: Key Michel In my experience I have realized that personal style is something that many people desire to obtain; but only some people think that it’s really possible for them. There are a lot of people who have shared with me that although they want to have their own personal style, they don’t think … Continue Reading

Is It Okay To Have More Than One Style Aesthetic?- Yes It Is!

By: Key Michel The best way to create a style that deeply resonates with you; is to create a style that exemplifies the different sides to who you are. All human beings are complex; and filled with different personality traits, interests, moods, feelings, and vibes. Having only one style aesthetic, and sticking with only one … Continue Reading