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Vintage Fashion is a unique form time machine; granting consumers with the chance to go back in time, and to relive timeframes that they loved, or never got to experience. Vintage has always been popular; but with the rise of social media promotion, and the countless advertisements of mainstream vintage trends, many people are finding a lot of style influence from vintage fashion eras.

The early 2000s has gained an immense amount of popularity lately, with everyone (especially generation-z) finding joy in wearing nostalgic styles from that era. With vintage fashion it’s very easy for people to look like they are wearing costumes from vintage eras versus outfits. While anyone can wear trends; it’s important to discover along your style journey how to wear trends in your very own way.

People are seeing the same early 2000s promotions all across the internet; and it forces a lot of people to look identical; but it simultaneously forces a lot of people to look like they are wearing costumes from vintage eras.

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You want to try your best when wearing vintage styles; not to look like a halloween store costume, by showcasing your own self-expression. Your job isn’t to disguise your vintage outfit to look more modern, or to look less vintage; but it’s to add your own flavor.

Social media can make people feel pressured to keep up with mainstream vintage trends; but one of the main reasons why a lot of people like vintage fashion is due to the support for one’s individuality. This is why a lot of people enjoy thrifting, and finding dynamic vintage gems that will help them build upon their personal style. Since mainstream vintage trends from the early 2000’s have become vastly popular; many people aren’t focusing on individuality, or personal style; but they are more focused on keeping up with the early 2000s aesthetic.

Who you are, and how you choose to express yourself; is all you need to keep up with; not mainstream aesthetics.

If you find yourself drawing inspiration from your favorite style icons from the early 2000s, or perhaps alternative vintage eras; always ask yourself, how can I style this outfit in my very own way?

If you find yourself feeling inspired to incorporate mainstream vintage trends into your personal style; ask yourself, how can I style these trends in my very own way?

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