Thrift With Key: Thrift Finds I Found In Honolulu!

By: Key Michel I recently went on a trip to Honolulu for my 30th birthday, and it was a fantastic! Of course I had to check out the local thrift stores while I was there, and I decided to check out Savers. I had no particular list of gems I was looking for; I was … Continue Reading

Upcycling Will Become Increasingly More Popular In 2022

By: Key Michel Upcycling also known as thrift flipping; was a resale fashion trend that grew a tremendous amount of popularity in 2021. The trend has been around since the 70s, but due to social media platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram; thrift flipping has become extremely popular amongst Millennials and Gen-Z. Upcycling is … Continue Reading

Soul Train Dancers Thrifted Their Outfits Too

By: Key Michel Let’s take it back to October 2, 1970; when America’s longest syndicated show premiered on television. Soul Train; which ran for 35 years , featured performances from some of the most well-known Black and Soul artist in the country. It was started by the visionary and host Don Cornelius; who paved the … Continue Reading

The Rise Of Shein at Thrift Stores

By: Key Michel It is no secret that social media has established a tremendous impact on the fashion world. Currently in modern day, a trends lifecycle ends a lot quicker due to the massive impact social media has on consumers. When there are new trends, people are quick to follow them; and one of the … Continue Reading

The Negative Environmental Impacts That Are Sparked By Used Clothes & Fast Fashion

By: Key Michel A common controversy in the resale fashion industry is the notion of thrifters and resellers stealing from the poor. While at times the criticism is stemming from genuine concern; it can also be a dose of good ole performative activism. Similar to many aspects in life, thrifting and shopping secondhand is abundant. … Continue Reading

Donating Discarded Used Clothing To Improvised Countries, Can Impact One’s Self Esteem

By: Key Michel Donating clothing will always be an act of service that is needed and valued in our society. Whether your donating to your local thrift store; or organizations for people in improvised countries; anything is better than putting them in landfills. The thing is, there is a question regarding this action that still … Continue Reading

Vintage Anyone? The Best Vintage Styling Tips For Your Personal Style

By: Key Michel Vintage styles are a unique way of going back in time. Allowing you to relive decades that you may have once lived through; or decades you have only lived through from your vivid imagination. While time machines don’t exist, vintage clothing does; and with thrifting being on the rise; the demand for … Continue Reading

Sequins Anyone? | 6 Vintage Sequin Styles To Slay The Streets

By: Key Michel (Click name for IG) It’s Sequin Season! A time for magical and bedazzled looks. Sequin styles are a favorite to wear amongst fashion lovers in the fall, winter; and the holiday season. These delicate ensembles are the perfect statement piece to slay any holiday party. They are a great style essential to … Continue Reading

How To Find Unique Vintage Clothing

By: Key Michel Some may thrift for basics. Some may thrift for name brand items. Some may thrift for luxury; and others may thrift for vintage! Vintage clothing is growing exponentially amongst both millennials and gen-z. These clothing items allow these generations to take a walk back in time, with their timeless styles and looks. … Continue Reading