5 Items That Can Be A Hit Or Miss At The Thrift Stores

By: Key Michel Thrifting has always been here; but in these next few decades; this realm of fashion is certainly here to dominate the fashion industry! Even with the industry’s exponential success and growth, there are still somethings at the thrift stores; that are a major hit or miss for many thrifters, whether new or … Continue Reading

Resale Fashion Trends To Explore

By: Key Michel In the past few years, the resale fashion realm has grown exponentially; proving that it’s not only here to stay, but it’s here to spark change in what people buy, what people wear; and how people view fashion and personal style. There are a few trends in the industry that you should … Continue Reading

5 Eye-catching Poses For The Best Fashion Photography

By: Key Michel Taking pictures is one of the best ways to capture a moment in time; but sometimes people dislike taking pictures because of how they look in them. Many people create these really limiting beliefs about not being photogenic, or about not being someone that can pose well in pictures. After reading this … Continue Reading

How To Look Good & Turn Heads On A Budget!

By: Key Michel Looking good and turning heads; doesn’t always need to be an expensive thang. Contrary to popular belief, there are so many ways to look good, stand-out, and turn heads all on a budget! Here are the 5 ways how: 1. Your Energy One misconception people have about looking and turning heads; is … Continue Reading

15 Shoes Styles, That Are Taking Over This Spring & Summer!

One thing about shoes, they can truly make or break a look! You can be wearing the best shoes in the world, and the wrong look can completely destroy it! Now, this spring/summer season, you certainly want to make sure you are stepping out with the best shoe game around! Even if you are working … Continue Reading

70’s Styles That Are Taking Over This Spring/Summer

70’s Fashion is back; and it’s time to get groovy! A lot of eras in Fashion have made their own mark; but the 70’s was an era that is timeless and truly stand the test of time! 1. Wide Leg Pants/Bell-Bottoms 2. Floral Styles 3. Bell-hand Sleeves 4. Everythang Brown 5. Fringe On The Bags … Continue Reading

New Arrivals | Every Sunday @ 6PM

Hey Fashion Icons! 💜💫 New Arrivals will be on the site, every Sunday @ 6pm. ( and  Make sure to check the site every Sunday @ 6pm for gems!H Head to the Vintage Shop now; and check out the latest gems in the New Gems section! If you aren’t following the Instagram page yet; make … Continue Reading

12 Vintage Earrings You Need In Your Jewelry Box

By: Key Michel Earrings will always and forever be a major style staple. The right pair of earrings can make you look stylish, fashionable, and quite charming. Earrings make an outfit look very put together, or even make an outfit stand-out even more. It’s all about what you choose to wear, because every pair of … Continue Reading

Happy Birthday Key To Fashion!

Today is August 5th, and it’s Key To Fashion’s Birthday!!! Last year, I launched the Key To Fashion Vintage Shop, and the support has been amazing to witness!! I love all of you Fashion Icons! 🔥💫 All you icons are so dope, so kind, so unique, so supportive, so encouraging; I mean the list truly … Continue Reading