By: Key Michel

The thrift store is a shopping experience that is filled with pure bliss and excitement. You can always count on thrift challenges to take your thrilling thrift trip to a new creative level. Thrift challenges are so fun; and they always provide you with beneficial skill sets, along with a very intentional wardrobe.

Here are the 4 thrift challenges that will jazz up your next thrift trip

Pick A Certain Amount Of Money; & You Can Only Purchase Items That Add Up To That Amount

An example of this would be telling yourself that you will only spend a certain amount of money; and you can’t go over that amount. Things can become quite challenging especially when the thrift trip is a successful one. This challenge isn’t necessarily to stop you from spending a lot of money; but to challenge you to purchase items that you know you really love, and you will frequently wear.

Writer’s Note: I recently did this challenge; and I decided that I could only spend $10. You read that correct; only $10. My process of elimination took forever loll; but I eventually left the store with 3 items that I absolutely love!

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Pick One Section; & Only Purchase Items From That Section

An example of this can be going to the handbag section; and only purchasing items in the handbag section. Another example can be going to the blazer section; and only getting blazers. This challenge encourages you to focus more on the section you love the most; but what makes it challenging is when you find items in other sections that really catch your eye!

Envision An Outfit; & Thrift The Entire Lewk

An example of this can be seeing an item that inspires you on pinterest; or an outfit from your own imagination; and creating the entire outfit with thrifted clothing. This challenge further promotes your confidence in your thrifting skills; and your eye for style

Create A Seasonal Fashion Wishlist & Thrift The Entire List

A seasonal fashion wishlist is when you write down all of the items that you want to incorporate into your style for that season. This challenge is so fun, because you will feel so accomplished when you find any item that is on your list. This will also remind you that; you can always check the thrift store first for your seasonal wear.

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