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Spring cleaning is a great time to declutter, and to make room for the new. Spring cleaning has also been proven to help people with stress, depression and anxiety. There is something about doing a thorough clean that can make anyone feel refreshed and renewed.

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During spring cleaning clothing is typically an item that people sort through; and decide what they will keep, donate or discard. Instead of donating or discarding all of your clothing; give up-cycling a try!

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Upcycling: To reuse items by transforming them in a unique or more enhanced way. One can achieve this transformation by sewing; or using non-sewing methods such as fabric scissors.

For example, let’s say you find a blouse in the midst of your cleaning, and you like the blouse; but you also never wear it. Ask yourself how can you transform it? Allow you imagination to run wild for a bit, and take creative action.

Upcycled northface into bags

You can even transform items for the spring/summer seasons. Another example would be transforming jeans into some stylish shorts.

Take a chance of yourself and give up-cycling a try. You never know what can happen; this can possibly become a hobby or a side hustle.

Youtube is great place to learn how to upcycle

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