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The Real Reason Thrift Store Prices Are Increasing

By: Key Michel It was a beautiful and sunny day in the city of Boston; and my Mother and I decided to check out our local Savers. My mother isn’t a avid thrift like myself; but she loves to shop and enjoys a great ole’ bargain. As we were in Savers, I couldn’t help but … Continue Reading

While You Spring Clean; Give Up-cycling A Try

By: Key Michel Spring cleaning is a great time to declutter, and to make room for the new. Spring cleaning has also been proven to help people with stress, depression and anxiety. There is something about doing a thorough clean that can make anyone feel refreshed and renewed. During spring cleaning clothing is typically an … Continue Reading

Thrifting On Saturday Isn’t For The Weak!

By: Key Michel Long lines, packed aisles, overcrowded and congested energy, annoyed or snappy people? This is thrifting on a Saturday. Thrifting on a Saturday is not for the weak. It’s an experience that you have to mentally prepare yourself for; especially if you reside in a very populated city or town. A lot of … Continue Reading

The Unpopular Thrift Tips You Must Know

By: Key Michel You can never have enough thrift tips to amplify your knowledge and skillset. Whether you are an active thrifter, or completely new to the game, acquiring more knowledge upon thrifting can only do you more justice. The next time you go thrifting you will have extensive insight, to use to achieve more … Continue Reading

Thrifting & Its’ Positive Impact On Mental Health

By: Key Michel When people think of thrifting many thoughts come to mind. For people that love thrifting, thoughts of finding amazing gems may flutter to one’s mind. For others that hold preconceived notions; thoughts of smelly and old clothes may come to mind. One notion that doesn’t always come to mind; is thrifting’s positive … Continue Reading

Thrift With Key: Thrift Finds I Found In Honolulu!

By: Key Michel I recently went on a trip to Honolulu for my 30th birthday, and it was a fantastic! Of course I had to check out the local thrift stores while I was there, and I decided to check out Savers. I had no particular list of gems I was looking for; I was … Continue Reading

Upcycling Will Become Increasingly More Popular In 2022

By: Key Michel Upcycling also known as thrift flipping; was a resale fashion trend that grew a tremendous amount of popularity in 2021. The trend has been around since the 70s, but due to social media platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram; thrift flipping has become extremely popular amongst Millennials and Gen-Z. Upcycling is … Continue Reading

Soul Train Dancers Thrifted Their Outfits Too

By: Key Michel Let’s take it back to October 2, 1970; when America’s longest syndicated show premiered on television. Soul Train; which ran for 35 years , featured performances from some of the most well-known Black and Soul artist in the country. It was started by the visionary and host Don Cornelius; who paved the … Continue Reading