By: Key Michel

Long lines, packed aisles, overcrowded and congested energy, annoyed or snappy people? This is thrifting on a Saturday.

Thrifting on a Saturday is not for the weak. It’s an experience that you have to mentally prepare yourself for; especially if you reside in a very populated city or town.

A lot of people go thrifting on Saturdays for a variety of reasons, but the most common one is that it’s the only free time that they have throughout the week. If this is your story, a suggestion would be to, try to thrift in the mornings. There will be less people at the stores; and you will be able to freely get your hands on the new items without being in the mix of the packed traffic.

This is the line @ Goodwill, once the crowd started to go down. And there was still a lot of people

If you have free time during the week, a suggestion would be to find time during the week to go to the thrift stores. Visit the stores during the week, and see what days work for you the best.

You can still thrift on the weekend; this isn’t to detour you from doing what you want to do; but remember thrifting on a Saturday is a whole different ball game.

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