By: Key Michel

Tis’ the season to create your winter fashion wishlist; filled with all of the items that your personal style desires. If you started creating wishlist with me this year; than you have created one’s for the spring, summer, fall and now the winter. You are most likely a pro at creating these list; but I wanted to give you some important tips so that you can create a winter wishlist with crystal clear intention.

  1. Look over you fall fashion wishlist; what weren’t you able to cross off your list? Do you still want those items? If so add them to your winter fashion wishlist
  2. Keep 4 things in mind when creating your wishlist: 1) What will help you build upon your personal style? 2) What will help you elevate your personal style? 3) What will help you take risk with your personal style? 4) What do you need?
  3. Have fun! This is supposed to be enjoyable. You don’t have to strive to create the perfect list; or to even mark every single item off of your list. You will attract the items you are supposed to attract for the winter season.
  4. If you can get specific; be specific. Instead of writing jeans; write what type of jeans you want. Instead of writing sweaters; write what type of sweaters you want.

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