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There is one thing to have great outfits; but there is another thing to have personalized signature outfits. Personalized styles create a sense of comfort when expressing your layered identity because they are deeply tailored to who you are. It can be as simple as adding your grandmother’s vintage brooche to one of your best blazers; that differentiates your blazer from the rest. Someone can have the same exact blazer as you; but everyone doesn’t have your amazing grandmother’s iconic vintage brooche added to it.

Adding a personalized touch to an outfit enhances one’s sense of individuality; strengthens your connection to your inner selves; while also making your outfits feel extremely special to you.

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Take Mixing & Matching Up A Notch

When one thinks of mixing and matching their first thought is to mix and match prints; but there are so many alternative ways to practice mixing and matching that will make your outfits more personalized.

Examples of mixing and matching include:

  • Mixing and matching different style aesthetics: Classy & Edgy
  • Mixing and matching different textures together: Lace & Leather
  • Mixing and matching different vintage eras together: The 60s & The 90s
  • Mixing and matching different color paletteMs together: Chocolate Brown & Emerald Green

Cultural Influence or Heritage 

Add the beautiful parts of your culture, heritage or roots to your outfits that represent you best. For example, I’m Trinidadian & Haitian; and I’m also a Black woman; and I love to wear styles, colors and hairstyles that are inspired by my culture.

Fashion Journalist: Key Michel

Someone that does an amazing job at this is Tik Toker Benelus. She is exceptional about exuding her Mexican heritage through her personal style. She is commonly seen wearing beautiful sobero hats; and Mexican inspired jewelry and make-up.

Fashion Influencer: Benelus

In addition, this doesn’t have to be an expression of one’s ethnicity, it can be family cultural influence, city influence, or even something that is tied to your childhood such as a specific piece of jewelry. Any personalized item that is strongly connected to the core of who you are.

Double Down On The Things That I Love

Of course it’s beneficial to get out of your comfort zone, and try new things with your style; but it’s also important to double down on the things that you love. For example, if you love blazers; and you find that they compliment your style amazingly; double down on them. If you love statement jewelry then double down on them. This doesn’t mean go out and buy these items especially if you have them in access already; but to wear them more; and most importantly reimagine new ways to style them.


The complexity of juxtaposition keeps your outfits original; and originality is a secret ingredient to personalized style. Juxtaposition guides you to bring two contrasting styles together to create a unique look. While this skill may take some consistency and practice when mastered the outfits that you create are always highly personalized.

Fashion Influencer: KarenBritChick


Become a master style chameleon; and a person that effortlessly keeps others on their toes. Surprise yourself with the array of style combinations that you can come up with: The more you dive into the deep end of versatility; the more personalized your outfits will become.

Thrifting Things That Awaken You To A New Part Of Yourself

Thrifting new items that challenge your personal style; and awaken you to new parts of yourself are the best personalized pieces to have because they teach you more about your style preferences; and more about your personal style.

Exploring Different Ways To Style Common Trends 

The problem with wearing trends; doesn’t stem from people wearing them; but from people wearing them and abandoning their personalized expression along the way. The trick to wearing trends is to own them; and not allow them to own you; and to always wear them in a personalized fashion.

Understanding What Vintage Pieces; Or Eras Speak To Your Personal Style

Take time to discover what vintage eras and styles you love to experiment with the most. For example, while I love all vintage eras the 70s & 90s are my faves; but I absolutely love specific styles from the 50s, 60s, 70 & early 2000s.

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