By: Key Michel

After all of the fashion videos, the endless fashion articles, the creative Pinterest inspo; and the engaging fashion insight you still find yourself in a state of self-consciousness anytime you get dressed. You would think after putting your awareness on finding the best knowledge; that you would be confident in putting a signature outfit together; but it’s still something that you don’t feel self-assured about.

This is an experience that many people can relate to. Taking the necessary actions steps to find their personal style; but still feeling lost in the process. The common diagnosis to this problem is focusing a lot on the outer appearance; instead of taking time to learn more about who they are, and how they choose to express their inner being with what they wear. They completely neglect their inner selves because they don’t understand that personal style is a reflection of the inner you.

Your personal style conveys different pages of your very own story. The pages that you decide you want to share, the pages that mean the most to you; and the pages that represent you the best. Similar to any story, as we get further into different chapters; the story begins to change and evolve; and this analogy is similar to what will happen to your personal style as you get older and powerfully evolve. Of course there will be aspects of your style that will remain the same; but as you evolve and discover more about who you are; so will your personal style.

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When you realize that style is a preview to the inner you; you will no longer feel self-consciousness about what you wear. The more you appreciate and value who you are; the more you will appreciate, value and love your personal style. Take a stand and abandon any limiting beliefs you’ve been giving power to regarding your style experience or capabilities; as you embark on the journey of cultivating the style of your dreams.

Take genuine time to get to know yourself, and embrace who you are no matter what because no one will ever be you; and that is what makes your style one of a kind.

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