By: Key Michel

Personal style is the language you speak with the clothes that you wear; and the stories that you convey about who you are. It is the very essence that makes fashion a form of individual freedom; and creative self-expression.

Personal style grants you the ability to mark to the beat of your very own drum.

The thing is, with the high influx of information regarding fashion trends, fashion news and insight; people have to be intentional about the information that they consume. A lot of information regarding fashion and personal style actually does more harm than good by causing a lot of confusion in one’s life. This is mostly likely one of the reasons why after all of the fashion content you consume; you still lack the confidence to discover and embrace your personal style.

Well I got good news.. that lack of confidence ends today.

Here are 4 things you should avoid on your personal style journey

Avoid any form of information that tells you what is no longer “in” in fashion

While I understand some people may have a strong desire to look trendy; and to wear items that are currently in style; you will find yourself on a never-ending hamster wheel when you place your awareness on what not to wear. You will neglect what speaks to your style simply because it’s on the what not to wear list. You will lower your own confidence by constantly feeling like you have to keep up with someone else’s fashion rules; instead of taking the time to create your own.

In addition, these list breed overconsumption; by subconsciously pressuring consumers to buy and buy simply to keep up with what is in. It’s okay to wear trends; but you always have to keep in mind that you are the trend. When you start to focus on what is in for you; and what you love to wear; is when your personal style will truly start to bloom.

Who Wore It Better & Fashion Police Platforms

A lot of these shows are a staple in pop-culture; and create memorable and entertaining moments; but they don’t exactly inspire their audience to find or discover their own personal style. If anything it does the complete opposite.

Instead of providing genuine and compassion constructive criticism; a lot of these shows engage in catty and shady bashing with the intention of creating shock value for their viewers. Some of these platforms think that style comparison somehow supports others in finding their own personal style; but how? Most people that don’t have their own personal style; are held back by fear or caring about what other people are going to say about them. If these people are engaging in platforms that focus on style comparison, or bashing; how will that encourage them to have the courage to be confident with what they wear?

If you enjoy these platforms; be intentional by reminding yourself that they are for entertainment purposes only.

A Fixed Mindset

As you thinketh; so shall your personal style journey be. If you think you won’t ever be able to have your personal style, or how it’s too hard; or you simply suck at fashion; this is the proof you will see and experience. Get rid of any limiting beliefs about your personal style journey; and swap out that fixed mindset for a growth mindset. Start to see yourself as someone that gets better with time when it comes to fashion. Start to see yourself as getting better at styling outfits that you love. Give yourself grace here; and speak to yourself with empowering words. It doesn’t matter what you wore in the past; we are focused on the now. Believe in yourself and your style journey; and soon you will have a personal style that you have always dreamed of.

Insecure Style Comparison

Beware of constantly comparing your personal style to others. This action causes insecurity and doubt; and makes people anxious about their style choices. It’s okay to be inspired, but to compare yourself in a manner that is rooted in insecurity does nothing positive for your self-esteem. Gain style inspiration without having to put yourself down, or compare your beginning to someone’s 10-15 year style evolution. Focus on yourself; and your signature personal style!

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