By: Key Michel

In my experience I have realized that personal style is something that many people desire to obtain; but only some people think that it’s really possible for them. There are a lot of people who have shared with me that although they want to have their own personal style, they don’t think it’s possible. They tend to adopt these strong limiting beliefs about having their own personal style; but they fail to realize that it’s their own limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

Beliefs such as,

“I can’t be a fashion girl”

“I can never have my own personal style”

“I don’t know anything about style or fashion”

“I can’t dress”

“I don’t know how to achieve a nice look”

These beliefs will only push you farther and farther away from what you really desire; which is to have you own personal style.

In order to change your perception of your style, you must first change your mindset. Your perception of your self is your biggest destroyer and enemy here. Believe and tell yourself that it. is possible for you to have the style of your dreams; and watch your style move in the direction of your empowering words.

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