By: Key Michel

The best way to create a style that deeply resonates with you; is to create a style that exemplifies the different sides to who you are. All human beings are complex; and filled with different personality traits, interests, moods, feelings, and vibes. Having only one style aesthetic, and sticking with only one style aesthetic can become boring quite fast.

Your style isn’t like picking a niche. You don’t have to be very specific, it’s okay to change it up, it’s okay to shift; and it’s okay to experiment.

You can be giving sporty spice one day; posh spice another day; and scary spice the next day; and all of these aesthetics combined make up your personal style.

How do you figure out your style aesthetics?

1. Write down aspects of your personality that you want to showcase with your personal style?

  • Are you sexy?
  • Are you athletic?
  • Are you expressive?
  • Are you creative?
  • Are you laidback?
  • Are you edgy?
  • Are you classy?
  • Are you bougie?
  • Are you unique?

Who are you?

2. Access what aesthetics you are already showcasing with your personal style; and ask yourself two questions

  • Do these current aesthetics do a great job showcasing who I’m?
  • Am I staying true to myself with these aesthetics; or am I following the crowd?

3. What style aesthetics have you been wanting to showcase; but you haven’t yet?

After doing this exercise you will have a better visualization, and concept of your style aesthetics.

Reminder: It’s okay to have different style aesthetics; but make sure you are being authentic, and staying true to you!

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