By: Key Michel

Achieving your own personal style is an experience that everyone should encounter in their lives. The thing is, when most people think about finding their own personal style, the intiatial thoughts that flutter their minds are about the clothes they should or shouldn’t wear; or the best places to get style inspiration. You can go out and buy the best styles, scroll on up and down on Pinterest; or even come to Key To Fashion for your daily dose of fashion insight; but there is still one important step that needs to happen before you embark on your style journey. You have to discover and embrace the inner you. Who you really are on the inside. Without taking the time to focus on this step, you will find yourself feeling puzzled as to why after all the fashion advice you have received, you still can’t seem to find your own personal style.

People can go out and buy new items; but if they skip this step none of their latest finds will speak to them. Instead they find themselves on a personal style rat race, running around and around trying to figure out what they should wear; without realizing that the main step is to discover their inner selves.

When you shift your perspective and start to view fashion as a form of art; you will realize that the inner you is what is patiently waiting to be expressed.

Take time to learn and embrace who you truly are; and not who others perceive or desire you to be.

The latest e-book Make A Fashion Statement Everywhere You Go: How To Discover & Embrace Your Personal Style is guaranteed to radically shift your mindset, your personal style; and the way you see fashion. You will realize that you are more than capable of obtaining your own style; and expressing who you are unapologetically.

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