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In life, things grow, seasons change; and the same concepts apply to your personal style. A dull and redundant style, is one that doesn’t evolve. One that stays the same year after year; without reflecting the inner changes that you’ve experienced within. If you suddenly find yourself feeling emotions of boredom every time you look in your closet to get dressed; it’s time for a style elevation.

The thing is, how often should one elevate their personal style?

Every month?

Every 6 months?

Every year?

How often should their be a change?

Also, does elevating your personal style mean you have to get rid of all the clothing items you already own?

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How Often Should You Elevate Your Personal Style?

Answer: You should elevate your personal style every year; or during every style season if you reside in an area with all 4 seasons. This means that you should be experimenting with new styles; while making a conscious effort to incorporate styles that you’ll love to wear, get excited to experiment with; or currently represent your inner growth.

Elevating your style every year will also keep you from experiencing persistent boredom with your style

Do I Have To Get Rid Of All The Clothing I Currently Own?

Answer: You don’t have to get rid of the clothing you already own if you still enjoy wearing them. If you don’t wear them anymore; you can donate, resell or upcycle them.

In addition, if you cultivate a wardrobe that you love, and with styles that have long-lasting material; you will desire to elevate your style, but you wouldn’t feel like getting rid of a lot of your clothes.

Do I Have To Purchase A Lot Of Clothes When I Elevate?

Answer: No you don’t. In this case it’s more about the quality than the quantity. You want to purchase quality items that make you feel like you are elevating your style. You want to purchase quality items that reflect your growth as a person.

The more quality items you have, the more love you will have for your wardrobe; and the less boredom you will feel with your personal style. Elevating your personal style will no longer com from an expressive of boredom; but an excitement to expand the wardrobe that you currently love.

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