By: Key Michel

For some people, it comes natural to be confident with style decisions; and developing an authentic personal style. A style of one’s dreams; is a desire that anyone into fashion aspires to have; but why is it easier for some; but harder for others?

What makes the ability to develop a personal style feel like a stressful task for some; and a fun experience for others?

Their “WHY”

A persons “why” determines the perspective that they have when it comes to achieving their personal style. If someone wants to be accepted by a certain group of people; and feels inadequate about who they are; their journey can be consumed with carrying about how they are perceived by others. This desire for validation can cause one’s style journey to feel like a task, a burden; and a motive to please others; rather than to please one’s self. It can make people feel impatient and desperate to achieve their personal style; because of their need for social approval.

If your why is to express your individuality, be yourself; or to love what you wear; this journey can feel liberating, expressive, unapologetic, exciting and fun. This perspective makes the journey feel personal; with a natural flow. You will start to notice styling inspiration coming to you naturally; and the confidence and appreciation for your style growing everyday. The journey will feel easier; and overtime innately guided.

Knowing your why is vital.

How comfortable they are with who they are

Personal style is all about designing different chapters of your story with what you wear; but in order to do this you have to be comfortable with who you are. When you aren’t comfortable with yourself; you may find yourself constantly questioning what you wear. Always in your head about it; and underestimating your style choices. Being comfortable with who you are; will spark you to give yourself more grace along your style journey.


Putting your true self out there; is a stance that takes self love and courage. Having the courage to discover your personal style; will make the journey feel easier over time. Your courage will sustain you; and keep you going. It will allow you to be gentle with yourself; and kind towards your style decisions. Your courage will propel you to experiment with new styles; and express a joyful eagerness to try new things. Courage is what will make you turn a cheek to any negative style backlashing; or opinions from others. Courage is what will remind you that discovering your personal style is all about you, for you; and not for anyone else.

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