Self Love means forgiving yourself for your past mistakes.

Forgiving yourself for making mistakes.

Self love means forgiving yourself.

Self love means learning how to embrace the things about yourself  that you wish you could change. That you wish you could grow from. Or you wish you could make better.

Self love is about realizing that you will never be perfect no matter how hard you try.

Self Love means learning to put yourself first. Learning that everyone is not going to have your best interest in heart. But that you need to always have your best interest in heart.

Self love reminds you that you came into this world alone, and you will leave this world alone.

Self Love means everyone is not going to love you. Everyone is not going to like you. No matter how nice you are. Or how chill you maybe. Or any other good trait you posses… Everyone isn’t going to like you, or love you, and that’s okay.

Self love forces you to ask yourself, if everyone was to stop loving me, does that change how I feel about myself? Because it shouldn’t.

Self Love means calling yourself beautiful, like actually speaking the words into the universe. Looking at yourself in the mirror and staring at everything that makes you who you are. Staring  at the scars from your past, and the new skin that represents a bright new future.

Self love means knowing you are beautiful. Not because it’s the cliche thing to say, but because it is the truth.

Self Love means putting yourself first, before you put others before you. Putting your wants and your needs first. Putting how you view yourself first. And how others view you in the back burner.

Self-Love is about establishing a strong rapport with yourself.

Self Love means learning to also love your anxious self. Understanding that your anxiety, or your trauma doesn’t define you. Learning to heal from past traumas and triggers that have made you guarded, and unable to share any real details about your life.

Self-Love means understanding why you act the way that you do. But it also means letting the past go. And understanding that if you truly learned from the past, than it shouldn’t be currently impacting your life.

Self Love is about knowing when you need to go help yourself, spiritually, mentally, physically or emotionally. It’s about making you better for you.

Self Love is about letting go of the past. Letting go of everything that made you question your own self-love. Letting go of the trauma’s that still linger with every past experience.

Self-Love is about embracing your story, because your story just might change someone else’s life.

Self Love means being comfortable with focusing solely on yourself. Creating boundaries, and putting yourself first because you want to, and because you have to, and because you need to. Self Love is about not feeling guilty for being self-focused. Self-Love is about realizing that you are the one and only person that you will be with for the rest of your life.

You better get to know this person, better than anyone else. And you better love this person, better than anyone else. Self love means there is nothing wrong about putting yourself first.

Self Love means loving the person that sits within you. Being comfortable with hanging out alone, in your own space and energy.

Self love means you don’t need to be with a whole bunch of people all the time to be loved. Sometimes it’s more than okay for you to be your own company.

Self Love means loving yourself more than you wish for a man/significant other to love you. And loving yourself first, before you seek for a man/significant other to love you.

Self Love is about loving you unconditionally.

Self Love is about comforting your own wounds, instead of running to a man/significant other to soothe them for you. Self Love is about becoming your own comforter. Your own cheerleader. Your own rock. Your own shield. Your own protector.

Self Love is about realizing that no one in this world is going to be there for you, the way you are for you. And that’s okay. Because that’s the way it is supposed to be.

Self Love is about feeling the need to please yourself, not feeling the need to please others. Self-Love is about ending the cycle of people-pleasing, and pleasing the needs of thyself. When you love yourself unconditionally, it won’t be so hard for you to say No.

It won’t sound harsh or bad for you to say no. Because you know it’s simply the right thing to do.

Self Love is about letting go of your guarded heart. And trusting yourself again, to trust others. Self Love is about giving yourself, another chance to give others another chance.

Self Love is about healing from your past wounds, so you don’t bleed on to the new people in your life. That are simply trying their best to get to know who you are.

Self Love is about being comfortable and confident in who you are. And being confident in your talents & gifts. We live in a society that likes to quiet people down, when they are happy about their success that they have worked hard for. Or when they are just happy about who they are as people.

For some reason, society tries to quiet them down. And in this social media era, we live in a world, where people really don’t like to see others win. We view these people as being “arrogant”, or “attention-seeking” but we never sit back to ask ourselves,

what battles did this person go through to get to where they are?

How many tears did this person shed to get to where they are?

How many hardships did this person go through to get to where they are?

Self Love is about being humble, but not so humble that you are on the borderline of insecurity.

Self Love is about embracing your talents and your gifts. It’s about embracing what makes you unique. Its about embracing your inner power, and striving to be your highest self. It’s about embracing your own journey, and your own struggles.

Self Love is about embracing your own self.

Self love is about keeping your dreams alive. Keeping your goals alive. And even if you don’t have any dreams or goals right now. It’s aboit keeping hope alive.

Self Love is about having ambition. Ambition for living up to your highest self, and ambition for fulfilling your soul’s mission. And ambition in knowing you are more than capable, of being all that you want to be. 

Self Love is about doing the unthinkable. It’s about living life with adventure, curiosity and wonder. It’s about accepting the fact that you don’t know it all, but allowing life to teach you a lesson or two, each and everyday.

Self Love is about realizing that everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about. And as cliche as the saying maybe, it’s the truth. Strive to gentle to everyone, but to most importantly be gentle with yourself 

Self love means learning that self love is a forever thing. In the words of Michelle Obama, it’s a “Becoming”, thing.  As long as you live, you will always have time to love yourself.

Self Love is an individualistic thing. It’s about loving yourself, for yourself, and by yourself. And It’s about appreciating yourself . And that’s why as much as we talk about Self Love as a society.

The reality is that it’s actually very hard for many people to achieve. Because a lot of people don’t really like to take the time to focus on themself for too long. Because when they do, they don’t like what they see.

Self Love is about remembering that you were born for a reason, and that you matter. Self Love is about consciously embracing the notion that you MATTER.

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