It’s been one week since my 27th Birthday.

I had a great Birthday with close friends, and some family. It turned out to be a wonderful time, especially after all the madness I was dealing with from January until a few days before my birthday.

I spent my Birthday in Boston. Something I have not done in a while, but intuitively, I knew it was the right thing to do, because I know by next year a lot of things in my life will change. Because as we all know..

Every year, things change in the 20’s

I spent my actual Birthday listening to the audiobook of Michelle Obama’s book, “Becoming” for most of the day. I laid in my bed from a slight hungover from the night before, listening to Michelle’s soothing voice, her honest vulnerability, and her many lessons, as they all slowly danced their way into my ears.

I was hungover, but I was calm. Spritually, mentally and emotionally. I was calm.

It was was almost as if once my Birthday came, all the madness in my life, came to a hult.

But the madness, we’re just lessons..

Lessons preparing me for this new chapter of my life. And this new segment of my life called:

The Late 20’s

It hit me that I was in my late 20’s on my Birthday. And I was rejoiceful. Excited af to take on the year, and extremely excited to accomplishment all the goals I set for myself.

But then it hit me yesterday morning…

Whoa, I’m really 27 🤔

And I started to panic!

I began anxiously thinking about all the goals I set for myself in February. Many of them I mastered, but also many of them I didnt.

I started thinking about the fact that I’m still living in Boston. Knowing that it has been a goal, a dream and of mines to move out of my hometown. And to experience something new.

I started thinking about my career and my creative pursuits. Feeling like I missed out on career opportunities, and feeling like I will miss future deadlines for my creative pursuits.

I grew anxious, but what made me anxious was that it’s been only one week since I turned 27..

and I feel like it came and went so fast.

I think hitting my later 20’s and reaching 27, has taught me,

how fast life flies.

But it also taught me that you only think about how fast time flies, when you are not living the life, that you know you should be living.

I know I’m young, with a lot of life ahead of me. But I would be lying if I didn’t admit that growing up, can be a little scary.

I found myself before my 27th Birthday, thinking a lot about my childhood. Not only reminiscing about who I was. But reminising on what I loved to do.

The things that made me light up?

The things I was natural at?

And the ways I enjoyed to express myself creatively?

I realized at 27 that I’m a Creative.

I’ve always been.

My creativity is not only the way I chose to express myself. But it’s also my way to inspire others. To empower others. And to positively influence others.

But even at 27, there is still a lot I don’t know.

There is still a lot I wish I did know, and makes me panic at times for not knowing. There are still things I’m lost about when it comes to being an adult.

But I guess that is apart of being an adult.

Constantly feeling lost, but constantly striving to figure things out.

To Figure Life Out.

27 makes me have more compassion for my parents. More compassion for my older relatives. As I now understand that adulting isn’t easy. But I commend them for making it look so easy.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons, throughout my 27 years.

But life is constantly throwing lessons at us all.

And this year, I will be throwing some lessons to be learned, at myself.

I wanted to share with you all my list of lessons that I want to learn this year. I’m sure you will be able to relate to some of the lessons, that I’m personally striving to learn. And perhaps some of them may be lessons you are striving to learn as well.

27 Lessons, 27 Years

1) To live in the moment, and to live in the now. To live more in the present day.

2) My body is always here for me. I need to eat better and be there for it.

3) Learn from Generational Curses. And Strive to heal from Generational Curses

4) Try not to live in potential. And instead strive to live up to your highest potential.

5) Handle Your Anxiety, Work on Your Anxiety. But no need to be ashamed of your anxiety.

6) Your career means a lot, but fulfilling your purpose is the mission.

7) You don’t just want to travel. You need to travel.

8) This is your life. Only you have the power, but more so the courage to change it, and yourself.

9) Rationilaizing feelings, emotions, or situations is a waste of time. You aren’t always going to understand what or why people do the things that they do.

10) Let Go, To Receive Better. (Work, Life, Friends, Relationships, etc)

11) Stop Being A People Pleaser. Say no more, and start creating more boundaries.

12) There is one thing to be Selfish. There is another thing to be Selfless. And there is another thing to be Self-Focused. In 2019, be self-focused.

13) Train your brain to understand that thinking about the past, is a waste of time. You will never be able to travel down that road again.

14) Your family needs to spend more time with you. I understand you are trying to figure life out, but your family needs to see you more.

15) Seek more adventure in your life. More experiences that can teach you. Heal you. Make you laugh. Make you excited. And make you feel fulfilled.

16) This is only the beginning. Trust your journey, & be patient with your journey, you know your future is bright.

17) Implement new ways to work smarter, not harder.

18) Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are going to be plenty of times in your life where your going to have to ask.

19) Work on marking Assumptions. Ask first. Assume… never. Even if your intuition is telling you something.. always ask first.

20) Be Humble, but not too humble that it’s on the edge of insecurity. Don’t be afraid to be confident af, because you don’t want to come off as cocky. Stop tip toeing around who you really are, to make other people comfortable.

21) A lot of Money will come in life. If you continue  to focus on your purpose.

22) How do you expect to let people in, if your guarded, suspicious of others, or have trouble being vulnerable? Your vulnerability is a strength. Not a weakness.

23) Stop looking at people through your fantasy lens. Or for what you want/wish to see in them. And start looking at people for who they truly are.

24) Forgiveness is hard for you. But it’s a skill you must master in life. No one is perfect, including you.

25) Trauma is real. Be gentle with yourself. And be patient with your healing process.

26) Either you create the dream, or continue to complain about your reality.

27) Be true to who you are, and love what you do.

Dress: Nasty Gal ($22)

Jacket: Goodwill Thrift Store: ($14)

Shoes: Charlotte Russe: ($45)

Thanks for stopping by. And I hope I succeeded in adding some value into your day✨.

Thanks for reading and until next time.


Key Michel✨


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