Mixin’ & ‘Matchin’

The fall season has started. By immediately influencing me to let go of the things in my life that no longer serve me. To make peace with things in my past that I haven’t healed from yet, and to abandon energies and environments that are negative, and can ultimately consume me. With only three months … Continue Reading

90’s fashion: Styling The Overall Dress

The overall dress, is a style that completely brings me back to the 90’s, and for a 90’s baby like myself, there is something special about the fashion from that era! The versatility, the edginess, and the expressive vibe of that time period, all speaks to who I’m. When I first started getting into thrifting, … Continue Reading

My Blog Launch Party!

It’s been almost a month since I threw my Blog Launch Party, on Sunday July 29th! A moment to remember, and another vision to become true! I believe that life teaches us new lessons with every new experience we encounter, and I certainly learned several lessons from the planning stage, to the execution of the … Continue Reading

My favorite summer look: Newsboy Cap & Dresses

In the beginning of the summer, I was rockin’ this Sparkly Black Hat, on and off, but more so on, for about a month and a half. In June, this hat was my statement piece, I wore it everyday, for style, but also because I wanted to leave my hair alone for a little, and … Continue Reading