What Are You Feeding Your Mind With? – Diana Ross On Positive & Negative Thoughts

By: Key Michel Every human being experienced both positive and negative thoughts. Research states that human beings have more than 6,000 thoughts in a day; and majority of those thoughts are negative. Several factors can contribute to why people think more negative thoughts, than positive thoughts on a given day. Examples of this can be … Continue Reading

The Importance Of Me Season

By: Key Michel Issa Rae, an American actress, writer and producer; recently came out with a video, talking all about “Me” Season. The video has gained a lot of traction on social media, for its bold and outspoken message. It has provoked a lot of positive and empowering emotions in many; because it’s certainly a … Continue Reading

4 Ways To Feel More Fulfilled In Your Life

Life is a precious experience. Although everyone has their own perception and interpretation of this journey called life, it is an experience that we should all strive to take advantage of. We all only get one life, and we should truly all strive to be the best that we can be. At times, striving to … Continue Reading

What people don’t tell you about entrepreneurship

We are living in a generation, where entrepreneurship is completely and utterly glamorized, especially on social media. Many people tend to watch the journeys and success stories of others, and tend to think, “well hey if they said they monetized their business in 3 months or 6 months, well so can I.” “If they made … Continue Reading

Your Elevation May Require Isolation

Human beings are social creatures. Whether you categorize yourself as an introvert, or an extrovert; both types of people, enjoy positive social interactions. Especially with the people, that matter to us the most. Which is why many people are having a hard time quarantining; and staying inside during this Coronavirus pandemic. But in order to … Continue Reading

16 Ways To Practice Self Care, In The Midst Of A Global Crisis

With so much going on in the world right now, it can be difficult to find your peace of mind. It may be difficult to relax, to not stress out, or to not have feelings of anxiety. It may be difficult to not be confused; or it may be difficult for some people to try … Continue Reading

The Concept Of Individuality-Are You Really Being Yourself?

Ah..Individuality. This is a concept that many people preach about, especially in the social media world. How we should all be ourselves, embrace ourselves, and realize what makes us unique. But in reality, society has never taught any of us to embrace our individuality. We aren’t taught about individuality in school. We aren’t taught to … Continue Reading

6 Ways To Stay Highly Creative In A Quarantine

We are still stuck in this Quarantine, Fashion Icon. But Key To Fashion hopes that you are safe, that you have enough food in your fridge; that your family is safe, and that you’re keeping your spirits high! With so much time on your hands, this is the perfect time to create! Creating not only … Continue Reading

35 Things To Do This Summer

Hey Fashion Icon! The summertime is right around the corner; and perhaps you had plans this Summer, to have some fun. The great news is; that you can still have fun this summer! Even if you had to cancel certain plans you had for the summer, or even if you are stuck in Quarantine. Key … Continue Reading

Motivation May! How to crush this month, and become a better you!

This is the month, that you power forward! Whats going on Fashion Icon! We are finally in the month of May, smack in the middle of Spring, and ready to get better with time! Below there will be a list of goals, that you can work on. The challenge here is to pick one or … Continue Reading