Be That Girl; But Embrace Who You Are Along The Way

By: Key Michel The term that ”that girl” is a popular phrase that is all over the social media streets. There are videos educating people on how to be that girl, and even videos chastising it. A lot of women want to feel beautiful, feel seen; and many also want to fit into the status … Continue Reading

5 Ways To Make This Summer The Best One Yet

By: Key Michel Excited, Thrilled, Elated are simply a few adjectives to describe the energy surrounding summer 2022. There are so many people on a mission to make this summer the best one yet; and planning all the festivities and activities that they are destined to be apart of. Perhaps you don’t have plans yet, … Continue Reading

Thrifting & Its’ Positive Impact On Mental Health

By: Key Michel When people think of thrifting many thoughts come to mind. For people that love thrifting, thoughts of finding amazing gems may flutter to one’s mind. For others that hold preconceived notions; thoughts of smelly and old clothes may come to mind. One notion that doesn’t always come to mind; is thrifting’s positive … Continue Reading

What Are You Feeding Your Mind With? – Diana Ross On Positive & Negative Thoughts

By: Key Michel Every human being experienced both positive and negative thoughts. Research states that human beings have more than 6,000 thoughts in a day; and majority of those thoughts are negative. Several factors can contribute to why people think more negative thoughts, than positive thoughts on a given day. Examples of this can be … Continue Reading

5 Effective Ways To Celebrate Your Small Wins

By: Key Michel (Click the name for IG) Clapping for yourself, and celebrating how far one has come is something that should be heavily integrated in one’s life. It’s so important to rejoice when it comes to your progress and your successes in life; no matter if they are big or small. As a society, … Continue Reading

Work From Home In Style! | Style Do’s & Don’ts For The Remote & Zoom Call Professionals

By: Key Michel Working from home; is a concept that has certainly gotten a plethora of mixed reviews. While some people couldn’t wait for the day to wake up; and work from the comfort of their own home. Others have found working from home difficult to embrace. Some reasons include the implications working from home … Continue Reading

Push Yourself! Even When You Don’t See The Results

By: Key Michel We all hear it all the time, that if you want to make any dreams or goals come true, that you have to construct a plan, that you have to believe in that plan; and that you have to follow-through with it. Even on those days where you don’t want to; or … Continue Reading

Gratitude Is Essential In Life

By: Key Michel (Click name for IG) Gratitude is a virtue that can have a very positive and profound impact on your life. In life, we all have feelings of wanting more, but when you rest in those feelings of being in complete bliss for what you already have; is when you truly feel content. … Continue Reading

4 Ways To Feel More Fulfilled In Your Life

Life is a precious experience. Although everyone has their own perception and interpretation of this journey called life, it is an experience that we should all strive to take advantage of. We all only get one life, and we should truly all strive to be the best that we can be. At times, striving to … Continue Reading

What people don’t tell you about entrepreneurship

We are living in a generation, where entrepreneurship is completely and utterly glamorized, especially on social media. Many people tend to watch the journeys and success stories of others, and tend to think, “well hey if they said they monetized their business in 3 months or 6 months, well so can I.” “If they made … Continue Reading