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The term that ”that girl” is a popular phrase that is all over the social media streets. There are videos educating people on how to be that girl, and even videos chastising it.

A lot of women want to feel beautiful, feel seen; and many also want to fit into the status quo. While there is nothing wrong with any of these personal attributes, (especially if it makes that women feel genuinely happy); striving to fit everyone’s perception of that girl, can cause you to lose your own personal essence along the way.

Who is that girl; and what is she all about?

That Girl can be described as a successful woman, who wakes up early, meditates, journals, states her affirmations, exercises, eats healthy, always looks her best, always feels her best, gives off main character energy, can walk into any room and turn heads; and has the midas touch when it comes to any endeavor that she puts her hands on. She is that girl, that everyone aspires to be.

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Now let’s say you read that description, and it strongly resonates with you. This is who you currently are, or who you aspire to be. That is amazing, and keep doing what makes you feel fulfilled.

Let’s say you read that description and you can’t relate to it; nor do you want to; because it doesn’t describe who you are; or your perception of what being that girl means; that is also amazing; and you too have to do what makes you feel fulfilled.

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Being that girl, is defining what it means to be that girl for you.

What is your higher self calling you to be? Who do you strive to become? What do you love about yourself, and the woman that you are becoming? What brings you peace and joy? What makes you feel so confident about who you are? What do you love about yourself?

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At times people feel pressured to keep up with the trends on social media; without asking themselves if those trends do an effective job embracing who they are.

Be that girl; but don’t lose who you are along the way. Try not to abandon your individuality, for the sake of keeping up with the joneses.

Share with us; are you that girl; and what does it mean to be that girl for you?

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