By: Key Michel

When people think of thrifting many thoughts come to mind. For people that love thrifting, thoughts of finding amazing gems may flutter to one’s mind. For others that hold preconceived notions; thoughts of smelly and old clothes may come to mind.

One notion that doesn’t always come to mind; is thrifting’s positive impact on mental health.

The thrift experience is found to be very relaxing and therapeutic. A lot of thrifters have testified that they turned to thrifting during hard times in their life. There is something about getting lost in racks filled with different treasures; that eases your mind from the stressors that life may bring.

It can instantly lift up your mood, by bringing your attention to search for items, and then increasing your vibration once you find items that you love. There is something about finding thrifted items that speak to you; that instantly brings you a lot of joy.

Thrifting is the perfect escape from a current reality that has been bringing you down.

You can make your experience even more soothing; by bringing headphones and playing your favorite songs as you thrift. Try to thrift on a day where you don’t have to rush, and you don’t have any other obligations that you immediately need to tend to. Give yourself the time and the space to thrift; so that you can really ease your mind.

Now thrifting won’t take away all of your problems; but it will help you feel better. Often times it’s when you start to feel a little better in life, is when you realize that everything will be okay. Behind every storm, always remember that an array of sunshine is right around the corner.

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