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Clapping for yourself, and celebrating how far one has come is something that should be heavily integrated in one’s life. It’s so important to rejoice when it comes to your progress and your successes in life; no matter if they are big or small. As a society, many people tend to focus more on their big wins.

It’s when you shift your perspective to celebrate tour smalls wins; is when you realize that the small wins are the stepping stones to those big wins. The small wins reminds you that you are on the right track, that you’re progressing in life; and that your getting closer and closer to your big wins in life.

Here are 5 gentle-reminders and effective ways; to inspire you to celebrate your small wins.

1. Create A Small Wins Jar

Creating your own personalized win jar; is a great way to celebrate your small and joyful wins. As you see your win jar accumulate over time; in return it will bring you a lot of self-satisfaction to know that you are getting better and better with time. It is also a great self-esteem booster; on those days when you feel like you aren’t doing enough; or you aren’t enough; your win jar will show you that not only are you more than enough; but you have been consistently celebrating small wins along the way.

2. Journal About Them Every Night Or Every Week

Journaling is effective for celebrating your small wins; but it’s also extremely beneficial for self-reflection. Journaling allows you to connect more with your inner world; and to release the thoughts, ideas, visions; or small wins.

Writing down your small wins in a journal on a consistent basis; is a very healthy habit to adopt in your life.

Journaling is great for achieving your goals, celebrating your small wins and goals; and improving your mental health.

3. Create Poster Board With Sticky Notes

If you want to get a little creative; creating a unique poster board with sticky notes is another great way to celebrate your small wins. You can decide on the color you want the poster board to be; and the sticky notes and really create something that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

You can also have sticky notes that represent certain topics. Let’s say you are trying to lose weight; your sticky note colors to celebrate those small wins can be in orange. Another example can be career advancement; your sticky note color can be blue.

This can also help you see what areas of your life you are improving on the most; and what areas you may need to focus a little more attention on.

4. Express Gratitude & Positive Affirmations

There is something magical that happens, when you express gratitude and state positive affirmations, that make you feel good and whole inside. You will always want more in life; but focusing on what you have now can put you in such a positive state of mind. It can remind you that you are loved, that you matter; and that you have many things in your life to be joyful about.

Even if you feel like you don’t have anything to be grateful for; you do. If you can read this article right now; that is something to be grateful for. The gift of eye sight is truly a gift. To be able to wake up; and look around and see the world around you; is a beautiful gift. If you have food in your fridge right now; that is something to be grateful for; there are so many people who unfortunately don’t have that luxury in life.

Be grateful for where you are, and where you’re heading; and strive to state positive affirmations that will plant positive seeds for your future.

5. Treat Yourself

It’s a essential to treat yourself in life; and especially when it comes to celebrating your small wins. If your accomplished something, and your feeling good, and you want to treat yourself; do it!

Treat yourself like you would treat a family member or a friend that you absolutely love. Treat yourself like you would treat your romantic partner that you absolutely adore.

This is such an effective way to celebrate your small wins; because it will also raise your vibration. When you treat yourself, you are indulging in more things that will bring you a lot of peace, happiness and joy.

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