Key Michel

Recently, I was randomly reminiscing and looking at some old content from 2019, and listen the content was Cringy; with a capital C.

In the midst of embracing the cringe; I began to smile and realized I’m only getting better and better as time goes on. You may be in a situation where you haven’t reached your final destination yet. You’ve probably been extremely hard on yourself. The thing is, if you take some time to look back on your past, you will truly see how much you have grown; and how far you have come.

At times in life we get so caught up in the final destination; that we lose sight in how much we are growing in the now. We fail to realIze that the small steps, are not only building our character; but they are all coming together to take us where we are striving to go.

This is your sign, your reminder, and your confirmation to clap for yourself because you are doing much better than you think.

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