By: Key Michel

Every human being experienced both positive and negative thoughts. Research states that human beings have more than 6,000 thoughts in a day; and majority of those thoughts are negative.

Several factors can contribute to why people think more negative thoughts, than positive thoughts on a given day.

Examples of this can be life experiences, mental health, a negative self-perception, fear, trauma, or a lack of faith.

The thing is whatever we focus on, will only continue to grow.

The mind is such a powerful part of our bodies, and it can often times play tricks on us; if we aren’t feeding it with the right type of fuel. Thinking positive thoughts, feeds your mind with hope and optimism; for a better day or future.

Thinking positive thoughts reminds you who the heck you are. It reminds you how amazing you are. It reminds you that you matter.

It reminds you that everything will be okay.

It reminds you that there is more to your story than negative thinking, and negative experiences. There is more to your beautiful story.

Most importantly, positive thinking gives you peace.

It allows you to let go and to surrender to the wonderful experiences that are coming your way. It allows you to practice gratitude for the people, places or things you currently have in your life.

Have you ever noticed when you think negatively, how long you can hold on to those negative thoughts? Or how much harder it can be to surrender those negative thoughts; unless you strive to make the conscious effort to do so?

Negative thinking is like a psychological trap, that makes you go further and further down a rabbit hole.

Which is why it can be so hard to surrender, because you are trapped in those beliefs.

Strive to surrender your negative thoughts on a daily basis. Take moments throughout your day to renew your mind, and to think more positively about life.

Also, strive to give yourself more grace in life.

A lot of human beings can be very hard on themselves, so giving yourself more grace; can have a tremendous impact on your thought process.

To anyone that is dealing with mental health, it can be difficult to think more positively on a daily basis; but hopefully this article reminded you that you are more than what your negative thoughts have told you.

You are so valuable; and so worthy.

Yes we all want to look stylish af, yes we all want to make a statement everywhere we go; but just as it’s important to look good on the outside, it’s so important to feel our best on the inside.

Which is why personal development and style; truly go hand in hand.

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