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Working from home; is a concept that has certainly gotten a plethora of mixed reviews. While some people couldn’t wait for the day to wake up; and work from the comfort of their own home. Others have found working from home difficult to embrace.

Some reasons include the implications working from home has on one’s mental health; or the lack of self-expression when it comes to personal style.

A lot of people feel like they let themselves go when they first started to work from home.

They weren’t wearing what they wanted to wear, or they weren’t really getting dressed at all. They weren’t establishing a routine for themselves; because what is the point of getting ready if you’re working from home right?

The thing is, working from home shouldn’t stop your daily routine; and it definitely shouldn’t stop your style from shining either. If anything you are in a great position to learn what it really means to dress up for you; and not for the whole world.

Let’s face it, a lot of people get dressed for the attention of others. Even some of the most confident and self-assured fashion lovers. Working from home forces you to look within more when it comes to your style, and it makes you ask yourself, what do I feel like putting on today?

How do I want to make myself feel good and look good today?

Here are 5 style tips for the remote and zoom call professionals

1) Get Completely Dressed Like You Got Somewhere To Go

Whether you have an at home office, or you work right in your living room; get all the way dressed like you got somewhere to be!

Wearing a stylish outfit when you work from home; will not only raise your vibration, but it will put you in a productive mode. It will shift your mindset to accomplish the tasks that you need to accomplish; for that given day.

Also, as cliche as it sounds; when you look good, you feel good. Working from home isn’t a time to let yourself go now. It’s a time to be more in tuned with your personal energy, and of course with your personal style!

Style Don’t: Try not to wear your Pajamas All Day. Take a shower; eat a great breakfast and slay a lewk!

2) Mix Statement With Leisure

Leisure and active wear have been on the rise since the start of the pandemic; and these style types will certainly remain. A great style tip is to combine your leisure wear with your statement pieces that you already own.

Examples of this include, wearing joggers, with a statement blouse. Wearing leggings, with a statement sweater. You can even wear a statement outfit; but throw on some really stylish and comfortable slippers. There are so many creative ways that you can
mix statement and leisure together; to achieve a stylish and comfortable look!

3) A little lipgloss ain’t never hurt nobody

Throwing on some lipgloss, is a great way to make you feel more put together. Maybe your someone that loves make-up; but you don’t necessarily feel like putting on a face full of make-up at home. Throw on your favorite lip gloss!

Via @_badgyalstyle IG Page

If you want to continue putting on make-up at home; do what makes you feel good, but most importantly do what has always been apart of your getting ready routine. Regardless, a nice shade of lipgloss will always save the day.

Style Don’t: Try not to forget about your hairstyles. Continue to take care of your hair, or experiment with your hairstyles.

4) Still Wear Your Favorite Scent

Smelling good is an essential part of self-care. Make sure you throw on your favorite scents while your working from home. This will make you feel amazing; and of course it will certainly compliment your stylish lewks! If perfume or scents isn’t your thing, a nice and thorough shower will do the job.

5) Don’t Stop Experimenting With Your Style

Working from home shouldn’t stop your style experimentation. Strive to get daring with the styles that you already own; or incorporate new styles to experiment with. If you are in need of style inspiration, check out our E:Book 111 Style Tips & Secrets, on the website.

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Another great place for style Inspo is Pinterest. Creating a style mood board, is a great way to get new style inspo for your personal style.

Style Don’t: Try not to stick to a uniform. (Unless you are obligated to). Get out of your style comfort zone as much as possible; and don’t be afraid to experiment! Remember that style confidence comes from experimenting with your personal style.

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