7 reasons why you should travel alone at least once

For my 25h birthday, I knew I wanted to do something that I had never done before. I wanted it to be an experience that would be life-changing, but most importantly, an experience that would further my personal growth. During the planning stages of my Birthday the embargo travel ban, which prevented Americans from traveling … Continue Reading

My favorite summer look: Newsboy Cap & Dresses

In the beginning of the summer, I was rockin’ this Sparkly Black Hat, on and off, but more so on, for about a month and a half. In June, this hat was my statement piece, I wore it everyday, for style, but also because I wanted to leave my hair alone for a little, and … Continue Reading

Frugal Festival Fashion

I know I’m not the only person that feels as though,  the Summer is LITERALLY flying by? We were just in June, it’s crazy to me, how fast time flies! With everything going on in America, in the world, or in our personal lives, I believe we can all agree that it’s important for all … Continue Reading