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Let’s take it back to October 2, 1970; when America’s longest syndicated show premiered on television. Soul Train; which ran for 35 years , featured performances from some of the most well-known Black and Soul artist in the country. It was started by the visionary and host Don Cornelius; who paved the way for so many artist to get a chance to showcase their art with the world.

Along with fantastic performances, soul train had the best dancers who were trendsetters of the latest dance moves; and of course the latest fashion trends.

UNSPECIFIED – CIRCA 1970: Photo of Soul Train Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Back in those days, if you wanted to know the latest dances moves for the parties; or the hottest styles to wear, you had to tune in to Soul Train every Saturday morning.

A lot of the soul train dancers have stated that they would go to the thrift stores, and recreate looks for the show.

Their thrifted styles, influenced generations and trends to come.

Thrifted fashion for decades has been empowering people to embrace their own personal styles; and their own individuality. The fashion sense of the Soul Train dancers were always unique and one of a kind.

The styles also represented the times in a beautiful way.

This is another thrift Inspo; to encourage you to always check the thrift stores first!

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