By: Key Michel

Trends come and trends go; but it’s essential to invest in trends that you will always wear. Sometimes people can become very enticed by the latest trends, and they find themselves following every trend that comes out. While it’s great to experiment with your personal style, you also want to invest in items that you know you will always wear.

Being intentional about the trends that you purchase; will allow you to create an intentional wardrobe. It’s when you have a wardrobe that you have been intentional about creating, is when you will create a wardrobe that you will really resonate with you.

5 Tips To Create An Intentional Wardrobe

1) Purchase items that excite you

2) Purchase items that you can imagine yourself wearing

3) Purchase items that you feel led to experiment with (even if you can’t imagine yourself wearing them)

4) Purchase items that liberate you

5) Follow your style intuition; more than following every trend. Become an intuitive dresser, and allow your intuition to lead the way

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