By: Key Michel

Fast Fashion is the realm that is most popular amongst consumers; but it is also the realm that has a very conflicting reputation. Of course, there are consumers who enjoy fast fashion brands; and continue to shop with them on a continuous basis. On the other hand, there are a lot of consumers who have a true disdain for fast fashion and it’s impact on society.

In the resale fashion realm, there are consumers who thrift for fast fashion brands; but there are also a lot of consumers who dislike fast fashion, and the societal baggage that comes with it.

This passionate emotion is then fueled into post on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram; where people publicly express their repulsed emotions on fast fashion.

#FastFashionSucks, is a common hashtag that you will see across social media platforms; along with reprimanding and shaming people who support fast fashion brands.

The thing is, you will never influence anyone in life to make a positive change by shaming them.

There is one thing to express and educate people on the negative impact fast fashion has on the environment; and there is another thing to completely shame a person.

Everyone has their own reasons for shopping at fast fashion brands. Some may have preconceived notions about the resale fashion industry, so they continue to support fast fashion.

Others may have limiting beliefs about their own thrifting skills. Others may be forced to shop at fast fashion brands; due to lack of size inclusion for Plus Sizes. Some may be heavily influenced by following fast fashion trends; versus finding their own personal style.

Lastly, some may simply prefer the fast fashion brands that they shop at; and might not feel compelled to make a change yet. Educating with compassion and grace; is the best way to create a change; but shaming others will not move the needle.

Let’s put an end to the fast fashion shaming; and instead let’s make an inspired effort to educate with grace and compassion. That is the best and most effective way to create positive change; when it comes to the overconsumption of fast fashion.

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