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With the rise of the resale fashion industry; there have also been a rise in creative thrift influencer who are making a dedicated effort to inspire more people to shop secondhand. Some common questions, or comments that these influencers receive from their supporters are,

“What thrift stores do you shop at?”

“Can you come to my city and help me thrift?”

“I never find these type of styles at my thrift store”

“My city or state doesn’t have these type of thrift stores”

The reality of the situation is that it isn’t your city, your state, your country; or your thrift stores. It’s you. It’s your limiting beliefs, your lack of patience with yourself, your lack of patience with developing the skill for thrifting; and your lack of patience with developing a keene eye for style.

It is a joyful feeling when you find amazing gems at the thrift store; gems that make your eyes light up when you initially discover them. These are the type of gems you will love to style, love to wear; and serve as staples in your wardrobe.

Here are 5 tips to help you turn your unsuccessful thrift trips into success stories.

Shift Your Mindset

Holding on to limiting beliefs about your thrift experience; will only create the unfulfilling thrift experiences that you don’t want. If you keep believing that you don’t find fashionable, unique or one of a kind styles when you thrift; that is exactly what you will attract each and every single time.

Give yourself some grace; and understand that it is okay if you don’t find something when you thrift. Even the most experienced and seasoned thrifters have thrift trips that are a miss; but they don’t give up. They don’t complain about how the stores don’t ever have any stylish gems; they go back again and again and again.

Thrifting is a treasure hunt; and in this case sometimes you will find treasures, and sometimes you won’t; but that’s what will keep you on your toes.

Shifting your mindset will not only stop you from being so hard on yourself about not finding gems; it will also help you become a better thrifter and attract the right gems that you want.

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Patience Is Key

Patience when you thrift is essential. Especially when you are starting off your journey. Be patience with your thrift skills; and be patient with yourself. Sometimes thrifting can be a hit or miss; but that doesn’t mean that you are a bad thrifter.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the thrift stores in your area are bad either; be patient with yourself. In addition, you can always check out new thrift stores in your city, your state; or in various states and countries.

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Step Up Your Observation Skills

Your observation skills should be at an all time high when you thrift. Sometimes the best gems are tucked far in between clothes on a rack, at the end of racks, or hanged up on the dressing room racks. You have to to be observant and pay attention.

Also, pay attention when new racks of clothing are being released onto the sales floor. Pay attention to the clothing that is behind the register; those are items people didn’t want, or items that haven’t entered the sales floor yet if you are shopping at a buy, sell, trade thrift store.

Some of the best gems you will find when you thrift; will be in the most random places.

Bright and colorful rack of old vintage retro clothes for sale at a local market

Imagination & Visualization

Imagination and visualization is truly the secret sauce when it comes to thrifting. Sometimes you will find gems; and you will know exactly how you will style them. Other times you find gems that you love; but you aren’t exactly sure how you will style them.

This is when your imagination comes into play.

You can expand your imagination skills; by finding items in the thrift store to pair with the item in question. Even if the items isn’t your exact size, or something you plan or purchasing; it can help with your visualization skills.

For example, let’s say you find a fly vintage sweater, but you aren’t sure how you will style it. If you are having trouble using your imagination; you can go in the pants section and see pants that would go well with it. Remember, they don’t have to be your exact size or fit; this is simply to help you visualize.

Often times, what makes a thrift trip unsuccessful is a lack of imagination. When you are able to visualize or see how you can wear a gem; it will truly bring it to life.
Also, get daring. Don’t be afraid to try new styles; even if you can’t imagine how you would wear them.

If you like it, buy it; and experiment with it later.

Observation, Patience, Imagination & Experimentation; are the essential ingredients to becoming a thrift pro.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Thrift Alone

It is a joy to thrift with your friends, or with your favorite thrift buddy; but if you want to have more successful thrift trips than thrift alone. Especially when you are developing your thrift and style skills.

Often times, people care too much about the opinions of others. Instead or relying on their own style judgements; they are too busy asking their thrift buddy if they like the items that they have selected.

In addition, sometimes when people thrift with others they can also be too distracted on getting the best gems; before their thrift buddy does. Especially if they know they have a similar taste in style or fashion.

If you think you have unsuccessful thrift trips, and you thrift with someone else, and they leave the store with a handful or gems; and you leave the store with one to none; it may discourage you when you are first starting off.

Thrift alone. This is a great way to develop on your own thrift skills; and your style confidence.

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