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It is no secret that social media has established a tremendous impact on the fashion world. Currently in modern day, a trends lifecycle ends a lot quicker due to the massive impact social media has on consumers. When there are new trends, people are quick to follow them; and one of the biggest fast fashion trends are products from Shein.

Shein has been around since 2008, but in the past few years; the online store has gained a massive amount of popularity. Social media platforms such as Tik Tok have given the brand extra wings; due to creatives promoting the brand through a variety of styling hauls.

The thing is, as fast as consumers are buying Shein; the faster the brand ends up in thrift stores.

Nowadays, it is quite common to go thrifting; and to see clothing from Shein; and often times the clothing looks quite new. The clothing was probably worn once or twice; before making its way to your local thrift stores.

Fast Fashion retailers like Shein cater to a surplus of consumers, due to their trendy styles and budget-friendly price point. They allow fashion lovers to stay on trend; while not having to break the bank.

The primary focus of keeping up with trends, causes a trends lifecycle to increase; which in return; causes a rise of Shein products at thrift stores.

Many thrifters make complaints that they can’t find gems at their local thrift stores; and while some of it has to do with developing a keene eye for style, it is also due to an increase in fast fashion brands that don’t excite thrifters.

While many thrifters do thrift for fast fashion brands, or luxury items; there aren’t a lot of thrifters who get excited to discover Shein at their local thrift stores. Especially since the brand is already extremely accessible; due to its budget-friendly price point.

With the increase of lifecycles for fast fashion trends; what are brick and mortar thrift stores going to look like in the next 5 to 10 years?

What do you think?

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