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Vintage styles are a unique way of going back in time. Allowing you to relive decades that you may have once lived through; or decades you have only lived through from your vivid imagination.

While time machines don’t exist, vintage clothing does; and with thrifting being on the rise; the demand for vintage has simultaneously increased as well.

While many people love vintage styles; there are still a lot of people who struggle with knowing how to style their unique vintage finds.

Here are the best vintage styling tips for your personal style!

1. Experiment with different decades

Whether it’s the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s or early 2000s; there are so many different decades that you can experiment with!

By experimenting with different styles from these decades, you are able to see what eras speak to your style the most. Many vintage lovers have their favorite decades for vintage; which is often times exemplified in their personal style.

Discovering your favorite eras is certainly a fun aspect of learning how to style vintage gems; because once you find the eras that speak to you; suddenly that’s when the magic starts to happen!

2. Mix different decades together

Now that you know what your favorite decades are; it’s time to experiment and start mixing them together!

Mixing styles from different eras together, is by far one of the best ways to elevate your vintage looks. You will always create a very unique and intriguing outfit when you do this.

Some examples of style eras that you can mix together are the 70s and 90s, or the 90s and the early 2000s. There are so many other era combinations that you can try! Combining eras will always give you a very creative and personalized look.

3. Modernize Vintage Styles With Modern Wear

You know your favorite era’s, and you have been experimenting by mixing them together; but now you want to modernize them. The best way to modernize your vintage clothing, is with the modern day clothing that you already own and wear.

For example, to modernize any vintage blazer or blouse; you can pair them with blue jeans. You can modernize vintage clothing by the modern day accessories, makeup or even hairstyles that you wear. You can even modernize vintage clothing by taking the shoulder pads out of certain garments.

Find your favorite modern day gems; and find vintage pieces that you think will go well with them.

Keyword: what YOU think.

Remember it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about your personal style.

4. Make Your Outfits Standout even more with your makeup or hairstyles

With your hair and makeup, you have two options when it comes to vintage styling. You can either keep them both modern; or you can make them both have a vintage appeal.

Wearing makeup and hairstyles that are more modern, help to modernize your outfit if that is the aesthetic you are going for. While on the other hand, vintage-inspired hairstyles will fit the theme of your outfit; by giving your outfit more of a vintage vibe.

For example, I wear my hair in an Afro a lot; and when I wear vintage styles from the 70s, it really gives my outfit more of that 70s vintage aura. It’s almost as if I came out of a time machine myself.

If you aren’t someone that is into your makeup and hair; that is fine. Don’t feel pressured to wear makeup; or to do your hair in a certain hairstyle. Do what makes you feel comfortable, and what makes you feel good on the inside.

5. Reimagine Your Vintage Styles

While on the hunt for vintage, you may discover vintage finds that you absolutely love; but perhaps you have no idea how to style them, or they may not be your exact size. Now of course you can always tailor your vintage clothing, so that it can fit you perfectly; or you can reimagine how to style them.

For example, a lot of vintage lovers absolutely love oversized clothing. Many of them have discovered their love for oversized clothing; along their thrift journey.

This great sense of appreciation for oversized clothes, stems from thrifters using their imagination to re-invent how they see them. When you use your imagination to reimagine what you see; it excites you, especially when you see the vision come to life and it’s a look!

Reimagining is not only one of the best ways to style your vintage clothing; but it’s also a great way to build your style confidence.

6. Upcycle Your Vintage Finds

Upcycling; which is also known as thrift-flipping, is a style practice that has always been very popular. This is similar to reimagining your vintage styles; but instead the difference is that you are completely transforming the vintage styles. This usually involves sewing, cutting, adding new fabrics, adding new buttons; or even new pieces to your vintage styles.

Along with mixing era’s together; this is certainly another great way to achieve a very intriguing and creative look. This is also the best way to get a very personalized look; because whatever you Upcycle, no one else will have it. Unless you create more than one.

Up-cycling can also can be done with the modern clothing that you own as well. You may have some clothing items that you are a little bored of; but you don’t necessarily want to give them away.

How can you upcycle them? Or how can you reimagine them? Lastly, can you pair them with any vintage styles that you own?

Bonus Styling Tip:

Have Confidence

Without confidence in your personal style; none of this will matter. You can style the most creative and stylish outfit ever; but if you aren’t confident about it, that is what will show. Always remember to be confident about your personal style, because it is such a liberating feeling.

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