By: Key Michel

Donating clothing will always be an act of service that is needed and valued in our society. Whether your donating to your local thrift store; or organizations for people in improvised countries; anything is better than putting them in landfills. The thing is, there is a question regarding this action that still needs answers.

Why do people send discarded clothing to improvised countries?

Why do we send the clothing that is literally overly worn, torn and basically rags to improvised countries?

While it is humanitarian-like to donate clothes to improvised countries; or people in need; why do people send clothing that they know those people won’t be able to wear?

Clothing is a basic necessity; but for many people it’s a way to express themselves; along with being a self-esteem booster.

Having your own personal style, makes you feel confident about who you are; and confident about what you wear. If people are sending improvised countries clothing that is essentially rags; how is that going to boost their self-esteem?

How is that going to make them feel better about their current lifestyle; or situations in life?

Sending people in improvised countries discarded clothing, is a serious blow to their self-esteem. This is something many people don’t really realize; because people are simply trying to do the right thing. People simply want to extend a mere act of compassion; by giving back some way some how.

The thing is, if people aren’t wearing their donated items due to their overly discarded appearance; why would someone else want to wear them?

When it comes to donating clothes to people and countries in need; as a society we should strive to make a conscious effort to donate clothing that will make these people feel better about themselves.

As cliche as the saying may be; when you look good, you truly do feel good; and people in improvised countries deserve to feel that feeling.

They deserve to be reminded by the clothes that are donated to them; that they matter.

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