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A common controversy in the resale fashion industry is the notion of thrifters and resellers stealing from the poor. While at times the criticism is stemming from genuine concern; it can also be a dose of good ole performative activism. Similar to many aspects in life, thrifting and shopping secondhand is abundant.

There will always be more than enough clothes to go around; so much so that a lot of these clothes end up in landfills. One of the countries that is dealing with landfill issues is Ghana. To make matters worse, the majority of clothes that end up in landfills in Ghana are from America.

Image of a landfill in Ghana

In this video from CBS Mornings, you will learn about how problematic this issue has become in the country; and the frustration that many Ghanaians feel.

Most importantly, you will learn that in reality no one is stealing from the poor. One of the greatest missions of the resale fashion industry is to inspire more people to shop secondhand; to upcycle their clothes; to rent their clothes, to simply rewear their clothes; and to live more of a sustainable lifestyle.

Style Tip: Rewear your clothes. It doesn’t matter if people saw you wear them on Instagram already.

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