By: Key Michel

Tis’ the season to make a fashion statement everywhere you go with your swim suits! Now, this article isn’t about finding the best swim suits to wear to Turks & Caicos, or your favorite beach; this is all about wearing swim suits and making it fashion. Style your swim suits in a unique and daring way; and them as stylish tops or bodysuits.

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Make Sure The Swim Suit; Doesn’t Actually Look Like A Swim Suit

You want to make sure the swim suit doesn’t have an excessive amount of shine or swim suit material. This will make your outfit look really cheap. The trick here is for the swim suit to be effectively camouflaged as a top or a body suit.

High-waisted Bottoms Look Great With Swim Suits

Whether it’s high-waisted shorts, skirts, pants or jeans; they will always compliment your swim suit very well. Most of these swim suits will serve as cropped tops or bodysuits; which pair excellently with high-waisted bottoms.

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