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One’s personal style can communicate a lot to the world; without even having to utter the word. It has the ability to radiate your inner aura and light within; and tells a page of your unique story. Personal style can be life-changing for an individual; but there are still so many people who find it hard to obtain this experience. There are a lot of people who can dress to the nine’s; but believe it or not; what they wear isn’t reflecting the true essence of who they are.

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Dig Within And Ask Yourself; What Is Stopping You From Achieving It?

Why don’t you have your own personal style right now? What is really stopping you from achieving it? Do you care about what people will say? What your family will say? Do you feel insecure to be unapologetically you? Do you think your newfound personal style won’t look aesthetically pleasing? Do you struggle with putting outfits together? Do you overthink your outfits?

What are the reasons you haven’t achieved your personal style yet?

This is a vital step; because this is the core of it all. You have to know what has been hindering you from having your own personal style; in order to take the next steps to achieving it.

Find Your Style Aesthetics

The composition of all your style aesthetics makes up your personal style. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to stick with one style aesthetic; unless you want to, but you may become bored after a while. There are a lot of elements that make up who you are as a person.

For example, you can be a woman who is classy, is super expressive, down to earth, loves 2000s style fashion, and is also an athlete. Give us classy girl vibes one day, expressive 2000s style another day; and down to earth athleisure styles the next.

Take sometime to think about the amazing aspects of your personality; and way of being; that you want to express with your personal style.

Write Down A Style Experiment List

What are the styles you’ve always wanted to experiment with? What are the styles that you feel uncomfortable to experiment with; but you wish you had the confidence to give them a try?

Get a piece of paper, a journal, or the notes app on your smartphone and write a detailed list down of all the styles that you are committed to trying.

It’s okay to draw inspiration from Pinterest, or social media, but experiment and style these looks in your own way.

Get Clear On What You Really Don’t Like Versus What You Are Comfortable

Knowing your likes and dislikes when it comes to your personal style is an amazing way to display self-awareness. The thing is you want to make sure you are being clear on what you dislike versus what you are uncomfortable to experiment with.

Often times people subconsciously like certain styles; but they don’t feel comfortable trying them out and develop a dislike for them.

Whenever you feel uncomfortable to try styles, but you like them; that is a clear indicator that it’s time to experiment.

Shop Or Thrift Alone

Shopping alone is by far the best way to elevate your style confidence. During your solo shopping experiences, you are forced to rely on your own personal judgement. There is no shopping buddy to ask, whether or not you should purchase your items; you are the judge. This doesn’t mean you can never shop with someone ever again; but challenge yourself to shop alone more, so that you can develop your confidence and eye for style.

Have The Courage To Be Different & Be You

You deserve to feel free to express who you are with what you wear. Some people may talk, and some may not; but you won’t even care. You’ll be too busy walking in your style truth to care about what anyone has to say.

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