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Confidence is one of the biggest ingredients in the recipe called your personal style. You have to posses the confidence to find and embrace your style; and the confidence to march to the beat of your own drum. You hear your favorite fashion influencers and style icons repeatedly tell you; that confidence is everything when it comes to personal style; but you still feel quite perplexed.

You start to ask yourself, “Why are some people confident when it comes to fashion; but others aren’t?”

The thing is, it’s more than just general confidence that helps manifest the style of your dreams; but it’s the specific type of confidence that one must have.

You love your favorite style inspirations because of their confidence to be courageous and live in their truth. You admire them for being confident to freely be themselves.

In life some people may feel confident in specific areas; but lack confidence when it comes to others. For example, think about when you were a kid in school, maybe you were a student who felt confident in certain subjects; but lacked confidence in others. Maybe you were an athlete and you felt confident to play basketball; but not confident enough to play soccer. In these scenarios one’s confidence comes from naturally possessing certain skill sets; or taking an initiative to develop the skill sets overtime.

When it comes to fashion, style confidence comes naturally to some; and for others it’s taught and developed overtime. People who seek knowledge upon style confidence; possessed the confidence to acquire those skill sets; but the true driving factor was the confidence to express who they are. The common denominator here is that both parties have the confidence to be courageous to live in their truth, to dress how they want; and to be who they want to be.

Anyone that lacks confidence to express who they are with their personal style either has:

  1. Limiting beliefs about their own style skills and confidence
  2. They care about the opinions of others; and they are scared to express who they are
Via Key To Fashion Youtube

Your favorite style icons don’t have limiting beliefs about their style skills or style confidence; and they can careless about the opinions of others. If anything they have a growth-filled mindset; by always looking for new and creative ways to get better with fashion.

It isn’t simply general confidence; but the specific type of confidence that a person must exhibit. Once you realize this; and you take a leap of faith to acquire this type of confidence; you will still have style icons; but this time around you will be your favorite one.

Via Key To Fashion Youtube
Via Key To Fashion Youtube

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