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Many of us in the fashion world, have heard the classic quotes such as,

Fashion fades, Only style remains the same”

– Co co Chanel


Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess”.- Edna Woolman Chase.

These quotes hold truths; and strongly emphasize the importance of personal style. The thing is, while style is something that one must possess; personal style isn’t taught or consistently conversed upon.

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A lot of fashion brands that sell apparel aren’t teaching people how to find their personal style; they are marketing their products, and influencing people to buy them. Some fashion media brands may discuss personal style; but most discuss what’s trending, what’s up next and industry news.

There isn’t enough education on personal style; and while the journey came naturally to some of us; for others it doesn’t come as easily.

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In order for one to hone in on their personal style; that person needs to have a great sense of self; and a deep appreciation for their individuality. We live in a world where many people are scared to be different, to stand out from the norm; and to furthermore be themselves. People question why everyone on social media is dressing alike; without realizing the root of the cause.

People feel pressured to dress like everyone else because:

  1. They are still trying to understand who they are
  2. They have no idea what their true personal style is; and instead of finding it they keep up with the joneses
  3. They are scared to be themselves; or to be perceived as different; so they rather conform

In the book, the strangest secret the author Earl Nightingale states that, ”The opposite for courage is not cowardice, but conformity.”

In this case people conform to the styles they see from others; instead of taking the leap of faith to find their own. It also doesn’t help that some of these people lack the education to find it.

This is why personal style is very near and dear to me; because it’s what ignited my passion for fashion. It’s what reminded me of the power of individuality; and the importance of staying true to myself. It’s why Key To Fashion exist; and why my drive to inspire other’s to find and embrace their own personal styles is so strong.

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