By: Key Michel

Fall Fashion is right around the corner; and we are stepping into this season looking our best. One of the best ways to prepare your style for an upcoming season; it to write down your style wishlist.

A Style Wishlist is when you write down all the clothing items that you want to incorporate into your personal style for a particular season; or even for the whole year.

You can create this list on the notes app on your phone, a journal, or a piece of paper. This list should be detailed; and compiled with all of your biggest style desires. Once your list is done; you can look at it again, or take it with you when you shop; but you will find that a lot of the items on your list will come to you.

For example, I recently went thrifting for fall fashion; and before going thrifting I decided to write my own fall style wishlist. I ended up finding many of the items I wrote down at the thrift store that day. I didn’t check my list as I was shopping because I remembered exactly what I wrote down; but if you need to look at your list to refresh your memory, do what is best for you.

It’s such an exciting feeling when you find items on your style wishlist; and you will absolutely find items on your list.

Below is an example of my Fall Style Wishlist for your reference. You can create yours in the same way; or whatever way suits you best. If you need style inspiration for your list; stay tuned for upcoming content here at Key To Fashion; and you can also get inspiration from pinterest as well. This wishlist is a great way to powerfully elevate and experiment with your style.

Key’s Fall Style Wishlist

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