Hello Fashion Icons!

Key To Fashion, is about to spill some major tea in this post!

Now, many of you all that are in this community, already have your own signature style.

At the same time, there are many of you all that are still in search of your style, and still trying to get comfortable with expressing it.

The common thread for both of these groups is that everyone is trying to grow their styles, enhance their styles, and be show-stopping fashion icons!

This post is laying out the top secrets, that many fashion magazines, or fashion bloggers, do not tell you about fashion.

Guarantee, by the end of this post, you will have an increased awareness of how you can enhance your personal styles!

Here are the top 18 style secrets!

1) Stop planning every single outfit, that you wear.

Fashion is art, and with any form of art, there should always be less planning, and more innovation.

The more you plan every outfit, the less room you have for experimentation.

Some of the best outfits people wear, are always the ones that they didn’t spend much time on. Also, planning every single outfit, conveys a lack of style confidence.

Of course you have special occasions that you need to plan looks for, like a wedding or an event you may be attending; but a true Fashion Icon doesn’t plan their everyday looks.

They get up, and dress how they want to, pertaining to their vibe!

2) The Brighter the Colors, The Bolder The Looks

Bright colors will always make your look stand-out!

If you are someone that is uncomfortable with wearing brighter looks, and you wear more neutral or darker tones. Try wearing gems that are mustard yellow.

Mustard yellow is a bright and captivating color, that looks good on everyone!

3) Less Matching, More Meshing

This one is huge. Matching your look from head to toe is boring. Anyone and everyone can do that.

But when you mesh colors, prints, or fabrics together; that’s when you really allow your creativity to truly shine.

It’s amazing the looks people achieve, when they mesh things together!

4) A hairstyle, can make or break, even the most fashionable look.

Yes indeed!

Now you can have the flyest, baddest, show-stopping look of all, but if your hair doesn’t give the look life, the look will be completely off.

At times, your hairstyle can be so fly, that it can really be the statement piece.

This is not to make you feel insecure about your hair, it’s to make you realize that your hair-style matters, so get creative with it!

5) Break every single fashion rule, as is your life depends on it


Some of the most annoying fashion advice, is when people tell others, the fashion rules that they should abide by.

There are no rules, you create the rules!

You decide how you want to dress!

This is your style, this is your personality that your expressing through your style.

This is your form of art!

If you want to wear a past trend, and people are telling you not to wear it, don’t listen to them.

A Fashion Icon, does whatever he or she wants to do!

6) Every year, your style should grow

Life is all about personal growth.

Each and everyone one of us, came here on this earth to learn more about ourselves, and to ultimately become better people.

As you grow as a person, so should your style!

Think about how you want to express yourself this year?

What is the energy you want to give off?

How will you express that through your personal style?

What looks or styles, do you want to incorporate into your wardrobe?

7) Self-Awareness is the main key, to personal style

If you lack self-awareness, achieving your own personal style, will be very difficult.

When people state, “ I don’t have a personal style.”

The question you should ask yourself is, “who are you?”

Self-awareness is a key component in life.

The reason why Key To Fashion is big on emphasizing that fashion is art, is because it is a form of expressing your individuality.

But in order to express your dopeness, or your individuality, you must be highly self-aware!

8) Be more inspired by looks, instead of imitating every single look that you see

It’s cool to have fashion inspos; people you really look up to, or people you really admire for their amazing personal style.

But copying every single look that you see them wear, takes away from you achieving your own personal style.

This is why there are some people that can look stylish, and put on a dope look, but still feel like they have no idea what their own personal style is.

This is because you may be copying and imitating everything you see, than reinventing the wheel.

If you see something that you like, that’s great!

But it’s important to ask yourself, “how can I put my own twist on this?”

9) Shoes matter

The right shoe can make a look, and a bad shoe can break a look.

Shoes can also serve as a major statement piece!

You can wear a simple outfit, but if the shoes stand out, the entire look stands out!

10) One statement piece is enough; more than one statement piece, over-powers a look.

A lot of statement pieces, is a distraction.

Instead of looking at the look as a whole masterpiece, and the statement piece as the icing on the cake. When you have more than one statement piece, it’s too much.

It goes from being a stylish statement look, to a over-powered look; that is all over the place.

11) Identify your style comfort zones, and break them. A fashion icon, doesn’t have a comfort zone.

We have all been here.

No matter if you have been loving fashion forever, or if you are now getting into the field. Everyone has style comfort zones.

These can be styles that you always wear, colors that you always wear; the list goes on.

It is important to identify them, and try your best to break them.

You don’t have to abandon them now.

For example, if you love the color black, you can still rock the color black, but everyday?

Now that’s a major style comfort zone.

Fashion Icons, have looks that they love, but they are always striving to switch thangs up!

12) Before you hop on a style trend, ask yourself, “Do I really like this style, or am I hopping on it because everyone else is?”

This is a big deal!

Especially since we now live in a social media era, where we are constantly being introduced to the latest trends.

If you see a trend that you love, and it speaks to your personality, or you want to experiment with it, than do your thang!

But if you’re hopping on a trend, to simply fit in, than that’s when it becomes a problem.

An example of this, would be the fanny pack trend. Some people looked fly, and some people look confused. And that’s simply the truth.

13) If you shop in Brick & Mortar stores often; Shop Alone

Now, it feels great to have a shopping buddy!

You all can laugh, chat, and simply enjoy each-others company.

But often times, when people shop with others, they find themselves asking the other person for their opinion.

“Do you like this?”

”What do you think about this?”

”How does this look on me?”

Getting advice is definitely helpful, but the more you shop alone, the more you rely on your own opinion. The more you trust your own insight.

And the more confident you become in your own personal style!

14) If you want to be ahead of the trends, Thrift More!

This one is SOOOOO important!

The more you thrift, you will start to realize, how much you are ahead of the trends.

For example, you can go into a thrift store, pick up a fly and unusual jacket. You haven’t seen many people wear it, but you love it!

Next thing you know, a few years later, that same jacket, is one of the trends for Fall or Winter.

Now you’re saying to yourself, “Didn’t I pick up that jacket 3 years ago?”

Listen Fashion Icons, the more you thrift, the more ahead of the trends you will be!

15) Focus on the features you love the most, and enhance them

What are the features that you love the most on your body?

If you are body conscious, and you really don’t like your body too much, I guarantee you, that you are still a beautiful being. And that is a fact.

Especially if you have an amazing personality, because true ugliness exudes from having an ugly personality.

Think about it; what do you love the most about your outside appearance?

Is it your eyes, your ears, your lips, your hair, your arms, your chest, your breast, your stomach, your legs, your feet, your hips, your waist, or your height?

Think about what makes your outside appearance beautiful, and enhance it!

16) Buy items that you plan on wearing more than once. Don’t be afraid to be a style repeater

What is so bad about being a style repeater?

Instead of looking at it as repeating a style, look at it as how can I wear this gem, in several different ways?

How can I recreate this gem?

That’s when it becomes exciting!

When you are able to experiment!

But don’t be afraid to wear a gem that you really like 1,000 times, especially when you brought it because YOU liked it.

People that are afraid to be style repeaters, lack creativity, and style confidence.

They care more about the fact that other people saw them in something a few times, than wearing what they want, because they want to!

17) Your warbrobe should be highly versatile

There should be a wide array of looks and styles in your wardrobe.

When people start to get bored with their wardrobe, it usually stems from a lack of versatility.

Always make sure your wardrobe is highly versatile, with looks for any and every occasion!

18) Accessories can add a nice touch to a look, but they aren’t always needed

There are Fashion Icons who LOVE to accessorize their looks!

Accessories are great, and they can definitely serve as statement pieces! But it’s okay if you are a Fashion Icon, that doesn’t have a huge accessory collection.

For example, I don’t wear a lot of accessories, only earrings, because I have a big personality, and a strong aura.

But there are people who have big personalities, that do! It’s all up to you!

Remember: There are no rules in fashion!


With so many secrets that have been shared on this post, there has to be a few of them, that you will definitely implement!

This is juicy information, and it’s all being given away for free!

Providing free value is essential.

The biggest mission at Key To Fashion, is that you all not only learn more about yourselves, but that you all embrace who you are.

And most importantly, become some show-stopping, head-breaking Fashion Icons!✨

Thanks for reading Fashion Icons!


Key To Fashion 💜✨

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