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With the seasons changing, more thrifters have been coming online, and stating their opinions about thrifting during the fall and winter; versus thrifting during the spring and summer.

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A lot of thrifters have very strong opinions, about thrifting being much better in the fall and winter. They view it as a timeframe where they achieve the most successful thrift trips; and where they retrieve the best gems!

On the other hand, there are thrifters who oppose this notion. They view thrifting in the spring and the summertime as the better seasons to thrift; due to the influx of off-season clothing, and the beautiful weather.

This is absolutely a subjective topic; but there are a few reasons why people have strong opinions about it.

Here are the top 4 reasons why, people think thrifting is better during specific seasons:

1) Where You Reside

Where you reside plays a major factor in what seasons you prefer to thrift in. For example, If you’re from a state or country that has all seasons, and you experience a drastic change in weather; this will influence your opinion.

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On the other hand, if you are from a state or country, where the weather is a lot warmer; and you don’t really experience a drastic change in seasons, you might not really care as much what seasons you thrift in.

2) Your Favorite Seasons For Fashion

If you love fall and winter fashion, and you personally think those are the timeframes when your style truly shines; then thrifting during those seasons will bring you a lot of joy. You will love the feeling of going into the thrift stores, and finding those stylish coats, and those unique thrifted sweaters.

On the other hand, if you absolutely love spring or summer for fashion; then you will enjoy thrifting during those seasons. There is no better feeling than going thrifting on a summer day, getting a bunch of amazing gems; then grabbing a delicious bite to eat, or engaging in some fun summer activities!

The summertime is also great, for traveling and exploring different thrift stores; in different states or countries!

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Now of course, you can travel to different states and countries during the fall and winter; and visit some amazing thrift stores as well. Remember this is all very subjective!

3) What You Enjoy To Thrift For

The seasons for thrifting you really love; also correlates with what you enjoy to thrift for!

Do you love to thrift for coats?

Do you love to thrift for sweaters, or long sleeve blouses?

Do you love to thrift for blazers?

Do you love to thrift for shorts or skirts?

Do you love to thrift for tank tops, or short sleeve blouses?

What do you love to thrift for?

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Although, it’s important to go thrifting with an open-mind; whether you are a new or seasoned thrifter, you will discover that there are items that you really love to thrift for!

What you enjoy to thrift for, will influence what seasons you enjoy to thrift in!

4) If You Thrift For Leisure Or For Profit

Do you thrift for leisure? Do you thrift as a reseller? Or do you thrift for both reasons?

If you thrift for leisure, it might not excite you to find stylish fall or winter pieces, during the spring and summertime. Unless those are your favorite seasons for fashion.

Perhaps you are thrifting during the spring and summertime; with the intention of getting items for those specific seasons.

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If you are a reseller, it might excite you to find stylish fall or winter pieces during the spring and summertime. Resellers are always preparing their inventory ahead of the next season; and every reseller strives to find great inventory for their shop!

Is thrifting really better during the fall and winter?

The answer is very subjective.

The thing is, if you truly love to thrift; you will still find yourself thrifting all year around!

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