By: Key Michel

It ‘twas the Super Bowl of fashion; a star-studded night filled with signature designs; and creative self-expression. This years theme was Sleeping Beauties: “Reawakening Fashion” with the dress code being the Garden of Time. The vision behind the dress code was inspired by a short story written by J.G. Ballard in 1962; which showcases a couple living in a beautiful home; but an angry mob is slowly approaching their home with the intention of causing destruction. In the couple’s garden time-reversing flowers are harvested which they begin to pluck the petals of, and with each pluck the mob is sent back in time; away from approaching their home. Unfortunately the inevitable happens, when the garden runs out of flowers; and the couple is faced with the destruction of their home and harmonious life together.

One of the big takeaways from that short story is the concept of going back in time; which was frequently emphasized on the Met Gala carpet. Several guests expressed that the theme made them envision something archival or vintage; and that focal point was the driving factor for their outfit direction. There was also a consistent conversation regarding up-cycling archival pieces; with some guests stating that they purchased their accessories from reselling platforms such as e-bay, and repurposed them to match their attire.

Actress and model Madelyn Cline stated that her vintage accessories for the night were from e-bay; including her clutch which was up-cycled with the fabric from her dress. The interviewer La La chimed in to statement that she too was wearing vintage accessories from e-bay.


One of the reoccuring themes for the 2024 Met Gala was the aspect of going back in time with fashion; and wearing pieces that were vintage, resale or upcycled. As someone who loves all things vintage; I loved seeing the support and promotion for this realm of fashion. #metgala #metgala2024 #metgala #metgala #vintagefashion #upcycledfashion #resalefashion

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Vogue was also in collaboration with e-bay this Met; once again highlighting the foundational message that the future of fashion is vintage, resale, and up-cycled. There has certainly been a rise in popularity in the resale realm of fashion; but for it to be a forefront message on a night like the Met Gala; shows that collectively the fashion industry is ready to make a conscious shift.

Resale Fashion is more than just buying preloved items; but it’s about giving items life again that once told a story. It’s about appreciating fashion from the past; and the character that they exude. It’s about promoting the importance of individuality in fashion; which is what ignites the curiosity of many when it comes to this realm of fashion in the first place. It’s about embracing clothes that are timeless, unique and truly one of a kind. It’s about reminding fashion lovers that fashion repeats itself; and what goes around comes back around.

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