By: Key Michel

The Glitz, The Glam, The Shimmer and The Shine are all descriptions widely associated with New Year’s Eve. Let’s be honest, getting a stylish sequin dress year after year can become quite redundant; especially if you are itching for a new outfit to walk into the new year. Perhaps you are someone that has never been a fan of sequin dresses; and you’ve always wondered what serve as a phenomenal substitute?

Keep in mind that it’s important to ask yourself how do you want to feel on New Years Eve? What type of message do you want your outfit to convey?

Keep Scrolling For 5 Dress Styles To Wear Instead Of Sequin For NYE

1) Sensual Red Dress

A red dress is a very sexy go-to that screams confidence and boldness. Swap out the sequins for an alluring red dress.

2) Maxi Satin Dress

Sophisticated and classy; a maxi satin dress will give you a sleek appeal

3) Ostrich Trim Black Dress

Take a twist on the little black dress; and serve a a vintage 1960’s vibe; with the ostrich trim black dress.

4) Dramatic Balloon Sleeve Dress

Give us some drama, and stand out with a bold balloon sleeves dress

5) Dress With Matching Gloves

Popular in the 1940’s, a vintage-inspired dress with matching gloves; is a fashion statement that exudes lavish energy

6) Velvet Dress

A very popular material during the holiday seasons; that comes in a variety of styles and colors which serve as a great option for New Years Eve

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